I love wildflower gardens and have several sections of my yard left to reseed. I think this plant is a volunteer, perhaps from a neighbor's garden, but I so enjoy its bright purple/pink colors in spring!

Construction: I started with the Artsy Layered Template No. 290, turning off the large round frame, moved the small round frame on top of the medium frame. I clipped my photos to the frame’s photo masks.
I changed the color of the daffodil transfer and moved it slightly so only the right side was visible and then lowered the opacity.
I used ArtPlay Palette Narcissus Solid Paper #5 as the background. I added Stitched by Anna Borders Cream No. 1 #10Single Tied C rotated. I duplicated and placed just a portion open at the top where the paper lay by eracing what I didn’t want.
I clipped the same photo to ArtsyTransfers Narcissus 5 which I placed behind and to the left of the frames. I turned off some layers and moved / duplicated some layers.
I lightened the lace then duplicated / flipped / rotated to place snippets on the bottom and left side of the frames.
I placed Nostalgia WordART Mix No.1 word Transfer “Content” with blending modes Multiply and Darker Color under the lace at the top and the bottom.
For the cluster, I used Nostalgia WordART Mix No.1 WWLove, ArtPlay Palette Narcissus PaperFlower (I revised the color, vibrance and hue) and bead and thread pieces from MultiMedia Frames No. 6 #4. I placed UrbanThreadz No. 19 #4 over the lower duplicated beads.
I love how you've used the template and the vertical purple design is gorgeous!
Love the vertical design and the lace - adding the stitched border contains the "wildness" nicely!
What a clever use of the circular forms! I love it! Reminds me of a plant coming up through a peony ring. We get campanula volunteers every spring...no idea from where...but as bird feeders I have a good idea of the "how." LOL

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