Before I Was Born

Before I Was Born

This is a copy of a photo of my husband's family that was in very bad condition. I did what I could with it, lightened up the dark images and darkened the blown out images.
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AnnaRelease 04 November 2016
Artsy Layered Template #237
Artplay Palette Kinsfolk (paper, transfers)
Artsy Transfers Kinsfolk
Trees 2
Family WordART Mix 1

MultiMedia Magic Sprinklez 3
Artplay Palette Reflections (label word recolored)
Artplay Palette Family (pearl, flowers recolored)
Thin Strip Masks 3
Paper Textures 4

Artsy Layered Template #237 was opened up. All the layers (except for the frames) were grouped and then turned off. A solid paper from APP Kinsfolk was used as the foundation of the page. The photo was clipped to frame 1 mask, adjusted to feature part of the family. The photo was duplicated 2 more times and clipped to the other frame masks, adjusting for other family members to be featured. The tree brush was stamped onto the page, recolored, duplicated with the blending mode changed to color burn (reduced opacity). A scriptTease brush from Family WordART Mix 1 was layered over the tree, along with a paper texture for more dimension. A MM Magic Sprinklez 3 element was added (the seed layers were turned off). Transfer 5 from the kit was added with custom text stating the date and city where the photo was taken. A photo was clipped to the Thin Strip Masks 3_7. The size of the photo was increased so just the eyes showed. The photo and mask were merged and the opacity was decreased to give a faded look. Several transfers and layers from AT Kinsfolk were added. The grouped template layers were turned on. One by one the individual layers were looked at. Some were turned off, others moved. The page was completed by adding journaling, word art and dimensional embellishments.

Thank you for looking!
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  1. Anna Aspnes
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A truly beautiful heritage page! I love how the tree goes up and ties all the the framed pictures together. The faded eyes are a wonderful touch!
Beautiful page, Miki. I love how the tree runs through the background and connects all the images. Excellent use of the paper texture around the eyes - seeing things that you didn't.
The tree in the background really cements the idea that this is a heritage layout! I love the photos, and all the little things to look at. I love the postage stamp used as the date, the textural choices, the little leaf cluster, and the ghosted eyes on the bottom. The blue touches are a great accent!

Standing O, Baby!
Super balance here, with the journaling blocks, eyes, and tree trunk anchoring the pictures, and the fleeting quality of time. The embellishment is exactly Goldilocks-perfect, neither too much nor too little. Bravo!
This tells a fantastic story. Love the blue pops. Love the eyes at the bottom and the way every element leads to another.
LOVE your beautiful and harmonious heritage page - the muted colors and the blending/use of the mask are wonderful ♥congrats on standing O♥
LOVE this whole page, and coloring! It's an inspiration and full of "ideas". Congrats on the Standing O!
Fabulous work on rehabbing the photos! I like the tree image in the background too. Congrats on your Standing O!
The photos are wonderful - I like that you made a background to match, great use of the blue accents, and oh that post mark - great idea!

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