Joseph Horton and Eady Hadden Millsaps Horton had one child together. Orlean Teresa Horton was born in 1890. The family photo includes Howard, Orlean, Eady, Lena, and Joseph circa 1909.
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ArtPlay Palette Rougir Collection

Framed Masks No. 4-1
WarmGlows No. 8-2
FotoBlendzOverlay 11-4 (duplicated for ghosted figure and set to softlight and overlay)

APP Rougir Artsy Paper 1 creates the ground. The Framed Masks Layers are pulled into the document so each layer was editable. The vintage was duplicated and set to Overlay, Softlight, and Normal. The original sepia tone received a levels adjustment. Two of the 3 layers were converted to black and white. The overlay photo was placed over Rougir Artsy Transfer no. 4 which was set to LinearBurn at 77%. The Artsy Transfer, title, and journaling were placed to balance the images. This was created to compliment its double.

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  1. Anna Aspnes
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as a scrapbooker, it's always lucky to have old family photos to fall back on. i love the blended photo in the background.
Your heritage pages are stunning Nancy ... there are so many beautiful things to look at ... to review ....
Beautiful page recording a lovely photo of times past.. .it is actually a great photo, because everyone is smiling and happy.... does not often happen in old photos... ane there is another face near the top, that does not look happy at all... oen has to wonder about the stories behind eh images....
Fantastic photo! and there are some smiles! To me, that's very interesting for the time.
Beautiful page, Nancy.
Wonderful heritage layout!! wonderful colors. I specially like the blended photo on the background.

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