Beautiful Fall Day - Family Value Pack 2

Beautiful Fall Day - Family Value Pack 2

November 10, 2023, the leaves this year have been spectacular. A beautiful fall day for a little roto-rootering. No big deal around here. Tilly, always the helper, no matter how yucky the job.

After auditioning several papers and frames combinations, and trying to blend the two photos together, I settled on Scenic Layered Template No 10 p5, placed above Sunflower Pattern Paper 1. The large photo was clipped to the large mask, small photo clipped to the small mask, and color fill on the frame, blend mode Difference. Embellished with elements, Urban Threadz, Paper Texture and WordART. I tried several different things on the blue-sky area (birds, clouds, etc.) and settled on the Melange Texture filled with blue on Linear Burn blend mode.
Credits list
Family Value Pack No 2November’s Special Deal
ArtPlay Palette Sunflower (paper, elements, red button turned to blue)
ArtPlay Palette Golden Glory (yellow berries)

Family Value Pack No 1November’s Special Deal
ArtPlay Palette Siblings (red hearts)
Urban Stitches 5-3, 5-6

Other assets used:
Scenic Layered Template Album 10-5
Anna’s Artsy Stains (gold)
Autumn WordART Mix 4 – duplicated, fill copy w/white, nudge, bevel/emboss, drop shadow)
Paper Textures 17-2 (change color, blend mode Linear Light)
Texture Melange 1-9 (fill with blue, blend mode Linear Burn)
Designer(s) Used:
  1. Anna Aspnes
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This is truly beautiful and the colors are spectacular! I love how you included the small photograph to the large photo background. I'm giving you a Standing O for this beauty!
Oh I feel like a copycat - I am working on a very similar page :) What spectacular color, and I love that sunflower paper! Really nice choice of the Scenic Template. Always love seeing Tilly!
Stunning photo and colors .... oh that BLUE sky, as I look out the window and see the gray sky here.
Stunning photo and colors .... oh that BLUE sky, as I look out the window and see the gray sky here.
Yes, very blue sky. That's why I decided not to add anything but the subtle texture.

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