Aubade Garden

Aubade Garden

All photos from my garden. Three years ago I dug out a ton of Bishops Weed and planted this mossy path, which is now threatening to overrun the flagstones (but it can be cut in chunks and transplanted). Hot Cocoa roses and matching day lilies showing beautiful color.
Credits list
ArtPlay Aubade Collection, including Framed Masks 9 and MultiMedia Shells
Beauty WordArt Mix No 1
Celebrate Wordart Mix No 3
I love the Framed Masks in the Aubade Collection, especially the 3-part Bonus frame. Used this on the left to frame my mossy path, using 3 copies of the photo so I could adjust each one to show the best of the path. Another Framed Mask 9 on the right used for the roses photo, with a copy of the photo also clipped to the FotoBlendz beneath the Mask,
Lily photo clipped to the Mask of the fancy Aubade frame, with another copy, set to Lighten, clipped to the Frame. I repeated that Frame on the left, with a Linear Burn Color Fill to frame the tiny thrift flowers in the path.
MultiMedia Shells used to form a Cluster on the left, with a Hue/Sat Adjustment on the bead, and the shells changed (note the white shells on the edge of the path, I brought these home from the Oregon Dunes last year). The "Path" word was created by cutting and pasting letters from other words.
There is a Hue/Sat Adjustment layer on the Aubade Artsy Paper background to make it more purple and green.
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  1. Anna Aspnes
Wow. So gorgeous, Diane! Love the balance of the green feast on the left and the hot pink feast on the right.

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