ArtsaleSojourn & Neige Snow and Power Outage

ArtsaleSojourn & Neige Snow and Power Outage

A weekend of snow, ice, power outage and a rat in the house - gotta document the bad and the good :-)
Credits list
ArtPlay Neige Collection (on sale)
ArtPlay Palette Sojourn (on sale now and collection on sale Wed 2/24)
Framed Masks 2
Winter Word Mix 1 (titles duplicated and modified)
MultiMedia Branches 11
Button Threadz 4
Calendar from Month Review Template Album 5. Small frame from FotoInspired Template Pack 2Q.
I've been working on this for days so not sure what I did :) Background is APP Sojourn and Neige papers blended. Large photos blended with Framed Masks. A lot of time spent with embellishments to get the balance and the story correct. Rat from Maya de Groot ;-)
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Ok, I can deal with snow, ice and a power outage, but a RAT! Yikes! Great documentation and photos! Hope things are improving!
I truly hope things are better. Maybe a little sunshine? Sorry about the rat but agree ... good and not so good.
OMG a rat, getver o_O I hope he's gone! A stream runs behind our apartment, I see a rat now and then, in the spring they eat the ducklings, so sad! So great a good and bad page, love it!
You've perfectly documented your bad days. Glad everything is better for you.
I've got a snake in my attic and I can't find anyone to come get it out and heater guy won't come check the heater as long as the snake is there. Great pages!
Oh un rat! je n'ose pas imaginer. déjà avec une petite souris je suis prête à déménager!
J'ai vu le feu dans la cheminée, heureusement que vous aviez ça !
Pas marrant la panne d'électricité et le rat. Le positif du rat c'est que l'on peut s'en débarrasser alors que la panne d'électricité on peut juste attendre. Heureusement que vous avez une cheminée pour vous réchauffer. J'espère que tout est rentré dans l'ordre pour vous. Belle page sur le positif et négatif.

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