Artplay Palette Brumal Collection Pizza Night

Artplay Palette Brumal Collection Pizza Night

We call him “Hurricane Oz”. He sweeps through the house, from one room to another. In the living room, the toys are scattered. In the kitchen, it’s magnets, containers and plasticware. On the first landing are the cow doorstops. “moo” On the second landing, books and toys on his new table and chairs. In his room, more books, more toys. When he gets a little tired, he’ll lay on the floor in child’s pose.
Credits list
ArtPlay Brumal Collection ON SALE
MultiMedia Hygge
Month Review Template Album 6
Autumn Word Art Mix No 6
Hipster Plumes 32
ArtPlay Brumal Artsy and Solid Papers and Transfers form the background, arranged to take advantage of lace and textures.
MFTA6 Page 4 used for the FotoBlendz on the right and the Frames, with most of the Frame Labels turned off. ArtPlay Brumal blue papers/transfers used in some of the Frames.
Brumal FotoBlendz used for the large photo on the left.
To deal with cutoff photos, which happens a lot because of the speed with which this boy moves.
On the left I extended my daughter's hair with Hipster Plumes, with Drop Shadow, Outer Glow and Stroke, and with the Photo enlarged and clipped to the Hipster Plumes.
I made a smaller version of this to extend Oz's head on the left, adding a Button Threadz and a Button. MM Hygge pieces added in a green Visual Triangle.
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  1. Anna Aspnes
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You've created a wonderful collections - "Hurricane Oz"!! A fun use of the Hipster Plume brush for added hair. Beautiful pages, Diane! I remember those days of the toys all over the house. :)
LOL this is great! Is Grandma spending lots of dough at The Container Store these days? We have a LegoManiac and what a challenge THAT is!
Love Oz's nickname! Fun photos. A tornado use to hit my house when the grandkids visited. It would take a couple days to clean up, one just to rest!
Busy is good! He has lots of fun zones :)
Love the way the tone of the floors in the photos goes so well with Oz's blue shirt.

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