Art enables us

Art enables us

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"Art enables us to find ourselves and lose ourselves at the same time."

Artplay MiniPalette Brio (free with a $20.00 purchase from aA Designs during the birthday celebration)

Process: I started with a solid paper from ArtPlay MiniPalette Brio. I duplicated it and the copy was set to blending mode Multiply. I added the photos (Pixabay) and used some filters on both. I duplicated the photo of the woman twice and they were all set to different blending modes and I used their masks for editing. I placed a part of the other photo over her eye and the blending mode Darken. I placed the flower and duplicated it and the copy was set to Multiply. I used an adjustment layer for Curves to darken it. I placed it between her fingers and also placed a thread here. I added a lot of brushes and duplicated these. A transfer that was duplicated and set to blending mode Linear Burn was added. A ribbon was placed in the bottom with the blending mode Multiply. I finished the page with splatters, stains and the quote.

Thanks for looking!
Love this page with the placement of the photo the photo treatment the blending and the brushwork tfs.x
Wow! She's so exotic and I like how you made her a little mysterious with the overlay in front of her eye.
la composition de cette réalisation est magnifique , sans trop de décors juste ce qu'il faut pour atteindre le but du regard de cette femme ! Bravo !

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