April Color Play

April Color Play

For this layout I selected the lightest portion of the background paper and jumped it to it's own layer. Then I used it as a mask and clipped the floral print to it. Then I played with the blending mode of that jump layer until I liked the effect on the clipped paper, in this case it was "Multiply". Then one of the brushes was used as a mask for the photo, then the cluster was made starting with more brushes as the bottom layer of the cluster. Lastly the word art was placed, but on the third piece the font was jumped to it's own layer and the original piece was hidden so the words are floating. I did this just because I wanted that piece of word art to be unique compared to the others. Thanks for looking!

Photo - mine
Font - all included in word art, except for the vertical text which is Garamond Apple light, with spacing increased to 100 to emulate better the included word art font.
Love the tri-colored stripes in the background with the blended photo on the lower left. You can almost feel the spring air. The written scripts are the perfect touch.
Wow Amy! What a beautiful LO. I love the paper and how you got it to look like that. Such colors. Such a sweet photo. I love the writing and word art.
Amy, you started with the perfect photo. You two look like you are lost in each other. I like the hearts and all that you did with the page. Your pretty cluster works well where you placed it.

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