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ArtPlay Mini Palette Brio (free with $20 purchase during the O'Scraps birthday celebration)
Wordy FotoInspiredTemplate Album No.1

MagicSprinklez No.3
Looped UrbanThreadz No.1

I used the .psd verion of page 10 of the new template album. I moved all the template layers to a new 12 x 12 page and turned off the text layers. I clipped an ArtsyPaper from the new Mini Palette to all of the mask layers. I moved the framed layers around to work with my design (only using one frame in the end). I added the branch and enlarged it slightly to go from corner to corner. Added the photos. Added the looped thread and masked out areas of the photo so that it looks like the thread is going through the photo. Added the stars, dried flower, and the journaling. Played with the hue/saturation values so that this had a more vintage look to go with the photos (because I did not want to change their color).
Gorgeous design and manipulation of the template! Love the placement of the branch!
First, how wonderful that you have these photos; the placement of them on the page is really unique. I like the thread looping through the one photo. Congrats on your GSO!
Lovely page I love heritage photos.
It seems all I have are heritage photos. It's nice that my grandmother kept so many. I always feel bad when I see them for sale at flea markets (when I could actually go to flea markets) so a lot of them come home with me.
I like your example not using all of that text area. Definitely gonna be some white space for me. Love that magician and the long twig.

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