AnnaLIFT: Harbingers of Spring

AnnaLIFT: Harbingers of Spring

It was a tough week where I was way too worn out from our trip and had trouble standing up. News of Putin's war weighed heavy on us too, but I sorted through my photos and they kep my spirits up. In just two weeks we'd go again and I wondered if a few cranes would still be there.
Credits list
Anna Aspnes: Camera, CrownPin, MMBirds, Brushes
Lorie Davison: Sky
Thank you, nightshadow, for your inspiration.
I wanted to start with a bird and have it be about spring. So I picked the crane. This replaces my first version, which had lots of texture but wasn't clean enough and just didn't age well for me. It's not as graphic as I'd like, but the bird decided everything else.
Designer(s) Used:
  1. Anna Aspnes
  2. Lorie Davison
I'm sorry to hear of your tough week - I had one too(Oz has been sick, and so I was sick). I too liked sorting through pictures when I had the energy. I love the blue and yellow and lace, this feels so open and airy, and nice use of birds - I have trouble using birds, but will have to try for this lift.
these bright colors and the birds do indeed brighten you up, hopefully a better week soon!
It's hard to be under the weather and sometimes it feels endless. Past and present adventure memories can be the best companions at that time. I hope a few cranes are there for you on your next trip. My bird club texts out rare bird alerts and last night I got a text that 11 Sandhill Cranes were spotted about 90 minutes north of us. In New York? That's a rarity! Beautiful work here--I love the spaciousness of it.
I hope you're feeling more rested. Love that you added the bright yellow to the clouds.

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