AnnaColor 04.09.2021 - Earth Day 2021

AnnaColor 04.09.2021 - Earth Day 2021

Nahasdzẚẚn Baa Hẚẚhwiindzim Earth Day, a useful idea that could only occur to civilization estranged from Earth. People set out to make paradise on Earth, achieved the opposite. Attempts to master nature leave us more subject to it. Earth Day has turned into a day of repentance for our mistakes.
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aA: paper, transfers, brushes
Photo: Johnson Martin (wormhole)
Two of my photos from Arches National Park
Native American quote image public domain
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  1. Anna Aspnes
My ornithology class has been studying the projected outcomes of a +1.5-3 degree temperature change in our area. It’s pretty devastating. Climate change is not pretty. Your spread is thoughtful and beautiful.
A reminder of how plundering the earth's resources without regard to the outcome has put us in perilous positions. Your page is beautifully thought provoking. Hopefully we take heed.
Most accept that we have created a mess. The problem, as I see it, only a few are willing to help with the cleanup. Beautiful page for the challenge. I like the break with the bit of solid paper running under the image.
Beautiful meaningful page so many just turn the other way when it comes to helping, your page is a strong message to all of us.x
Beautiful Earth Day message! Love the images and color palette. Everyday should be celebrated as Earth Day.

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