I do my pages for my Project pretty much the same every time with a few exceptions.
  1. I start with the template pages.in double-page format for 22 and 23.
  2. I pick my photos and add them to the masks using Layer>Create Clipping Mask. Then I make any adjustments that I think should be made.
  3. Then I add the papers over the background layer of each page.(Snapshot Sold 3 which I recolored and Behold Solid 5). Sometimes I add papers to the frames in the background (Fotographie Papeercamera which I darkened.). Next, I place the transfers on the page. ( Relative transfer, Snapshot transfer 10, and Behold transfer 2) Attached to the Mask layer of Frames that were behind.
  4. The elements come next. Snapshot camera, Foto Brad Packn 1.9, City word art cluster camera, Holiday Multimedia 8.1 string, APP Lovestory paper Arrow, and clock from Artsy Clock 4.3.
  5. Next, I write and enter the journal. Jim and I loved to travel, it was our jam. It didn't matter if we traveled across the country or just on country roads near where we lived. We visited his children on the West Coast, seeing San Francisco and Yosemite. In Canada, we visited Nova Scotia, Quebec, and the Gaspe. More often it was New England we explored From Fort Kent to New Port Rhode Island. A second trip to the west coast had us exploring the Oregon coast and Columbia River Gorge. One of our favorite things to do was go to various state fairs and watch the harness racing. We would make picking winners a contest between ourselves until the last few races when we would buy tickets. Mostly we didn't win. Once while staying in Acadia we took the Cat over to Canada for the day. Jim wanted very much to try the Cat. Good thing we did because they stopped running it the next year. I loved exploring Canada from our first trip to the Bay of Fundy, Peggy's Cove, and Pei. Later we did the Gaspe and another trip to Niagara Falls. Quebec City we visited twice as we loved it so much.
  6. The last to go on the page is the title. I use either a word cluster or create one. (Page 22 Project Day 18-word art adjusted with APP Cosmopolis red car and Page 21 and Project 20day word cluster.)
  7. When it is all put together I go to my checklist.

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Wonderful journaling and memories. Love the large photo of you and your husband on the right!

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