anna-aspnes-digital-art-value-pack-medley-november-ksacry Youth AnnaLift

anna-aspnes-digital-art-value-pack-medley-november-ksacry Youth AnnaLift

My husband found some old pictures of his family when he was a child. Who can resist colorization and restoration of old family photos? He and I have had some fun with that since PS Neural Filters make it so easy.

Text reads:
Main Photo: Dave with friend Francis Bryn Mawr 1959
Mini-photos: Dave at 9-10 years old told the story of his family staying in a cabin. "I'm not sure where it was, maybe near Port Angeles WA. We went to the ocean but it was really far and we only spent 30 minutes there and had to leave to go home."

Construction: I used 3 artsy papers, ArtPlay MiniPalette Biblio #1 for the base, ArtPlay Palette Patriarch #2 blend mode Linear Burn at 70% opacity and then a duplicate of the at blend mode Color Burn at 50% opacity.
I placed the ArtPlay Palette Patriarch Frame and attached my colorized restored photo to the mask. I duplicated the photo and blended with Color Burn at 35% opacity.
I layered papers under the right side of the frame from palette Patriarch - the Torn paper, Car Transfer and Text paper.
I then placed 2 of the frames from the FamilyTree Template No 2 and attached 2 restored B&W photos to the frame masks. I used a Sepia Photo Filter adjustment on the 2 photos
I added several art strokes and transfers from both palettes Patriarch and Biblio to fill in the background. I also placed a tree from FamilyTree Template 2 in the background.
I added ArtPlay Palette Patriarch LW “Man of the House” and the Rusty Clip element to the upper right of the frame.
I placed ArtPlay Palette Patriarch String and Button on top of the FamilyTree frames.
I then used the cluster from the FamilyTree Template 2 over the top of the Onward WordART Mix No 1 Wood Word “Story”. I duplicated “Story” and changed the blend mode to Color Burn. I finished with the Onward WordART Mix No 1 Word Art “We all become stories”.
Credits list
The ValuePack Medley November 2022 is On Sale through November
ValuePack Medley November 2022

Supplies used in this layout:
ArtPlay Palette Patriarch
ArtPlay MiniPalette Biblio
FamilyTree Template No 2
Onward WordART Mix No 1
Designer(s) Used:
  1. Anna Aspnes
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Wonderful combination of images. Going to have to try this today. This is the second page I've seen today with a marvelous result.

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