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anna-aspnes-digital-art-Project 2002Joan Robillard-Page 16.jpg

I have started my aA Project 2022. It is not my first year, so I feel like an old hand. One thing I know is that I will review these pages for errors and constantly find them. So, if you see something amiss, please let me know. The steps I list here are pretty much what I do for every page but if I so something different I will adjust my description for that page.
Start – I always start with the template
Photos – I add my photos to the frames and the mask using Layer>Create Clipping Mask.
Paper – I added Solid Paper 4 from Ambages over the background layer.
Stains and other layers – I color these layers using Edit>Fill so they match what is nearby or if foliage I color to try to resemble foliage.
Elements – I added foliage from Ordinaire, a butterfly of Mini Aoristic and a string from Lost near the number to create a cluster.
Transfers – added Transfer 1 from Wellspring above the focal photo and Artsy transfer Bespoke 4 on the side of the photo. I did turn off some layers and recolored others. I also added artsy Transfer from Chills
Journaling – Added a poem by Katherine Mansfield and some journaling about sunrise reflecting in the water.
Title – Typed “Beauty every day” for title.
To finish up I made sure I didn’t have and edges of my photos showing that the font was consistent (I use 12 PT because I will print at 10x10. I have adjusted or added drop shadows where necessary. Make sure nothing is beyond the Guidelines. I will remember as the days go one other thing I want to check.
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