anna-aspnes-digital-art-artplay-Joyeux-collection-ksacry Joyous

anna-aspnes-digital-art-artplay-Joyeux-collection-ksacry Joyous

Believe in the Magic of Nature. I love photographing landscapes and animals. Sadly, I’m not very good at capturing animals, they move too quickly for me (this is a public domain photo from PxHere).

Construction: The background is ArtPlay Palette Joyeux Solid Paper #1 with a duplicated Solid Paper #1 on top at blend mode Linear Burn.
I placed Artsy Transfers Joyeux #1 and clipped the photo to a “pink stain” layer. I duplicated the photo and clipped to a “gold paint” layer. I then placed an extraction of the reindeer and changed the blend mode to Linear Burn and Opacity at 35%.
To fill in, I placed various transfers from the ArtPlay Palette Joyeux and Artsy Transfers Joyeux #4. I brushed in several Watercolor Trees No 2 and added a green glitter style to several (mcreations-merryhome-glitterstyles).
For the clusters, I used ArtPlay Palette Joyeux elements with the Beaded Threadz “Joyous” from Holiday WordART Mix No 7, parts of MultiMedia Holiday No 4 #4, just the reindeer from MultiMedia Holiday No 3 #5 and the MultiMedia Holiday No 8 #5 beads. I added Holiday Foliage Presets No 1 #7 in red several places under the clusters.
The word art is from Holiday WordART Clusters No 2 #4. I removed the text “Christmas” and replaced with “Nature”. I duplicated the wood word “Magic” and used blend mode Color Dodge. I used blend mode Multiply on the word transfer.
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The Holiday Foliage Presets No 1 will be on sale for a limited time
Holiday Foliage Presets No 1

The Holiday WordART Clusters No 2 will be on sale for a limited time
Holiday WordART Clusters No 2

The ArtPlay Joyeux Collection with the bonus ArtsyTransfers will be on sale tomorrow through January 4th at 9 am EST.
ArtPlay Joyeux Collection
ArtPlay Palette Joyeux
ArtsyTransfers Joyeux
MultiMedia Holiday No 4
Watercolor Trees No 2
Holiday WordART Mix No 7

MultiMedia Holiday No 3
MultiMedia Holiday No 8
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Love the way your clusters and word art flow across the page and around the deer.

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