Inspiration – I sat down to do this page the day after a snowstorm. So even though this Palette seams suited towards beaches and warm climates, that is not my reality. It is a time to dream of beaches and ocean views.

Start – Artsy Layered Template 228 – I turned off some of the layers and adjusted other the make a spot to place my focal photo.
Paper – I added Solid Paper 2 above the background layer.
Mask - I took the mask from Multimedia Frame 3.3 and placed it in between the frames and the title.
Photos – I add my focal photo to the mask and the other photos to the mask layer of the frames with Layer>Create Clipping Mask. I selected a few things in the photos to adjust the colors to better match the art. I selected the snowmen and then inversed the selection and reduced the darkness to make the snowmen stand out better.
Template Layers – the layers of texture, paper, stains etc which I kept I colored using Edit>Fill
Title – Wordart “This is swell”
Elements – I put the ribbon, flower, buckle and word strip into a cluster – intertwining them.
Brush – Put Oasis Brushes 2.6 and 2.7 on the page and colored them using Edit>Fill
Journal - With winter comes the beauty of snow. It falls to the ground and turns every- thing into a winter wonderland. And outcome the skis, the sleds, the skates and all the other winter sports equipment. We must bundle up against the cold and warm our cars before we drive off So why wouldn’t our thoughts turn to warmer climates and days in the sun. Some people escape for a while and for others it is just a dream in their heads that turns the white snow to golden sand and snow skis to water skis.

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