I've recently re-visited researching our family trees although it can be tricky getting information especially about the poorer branches of the tree (my side). I recently downloaded my great great grandmother's death certificate really hoping for information re: her mother and family but all I got was her maiden name which I already knew. Anyway, I was strangely moved to learn both she and my GG grandfather had died in poorhouses, he died 37 years before her so it must have been incredibly tough. If you end up in a poorhouse you won't have had money for photography so there will be none out there so I've used a photo of my grandmother, her great granddaughter

I started with the beautiful artsy paper from AP De Facto then added the photograph which I masked then duplicated twice: bottom layer is hard light and top layer is colour burn. I liked that this gave me a difference in the eyes as it's like an amalgamation of different people...that's why I have covered the face with a bit of lace because it's a mystery what Agnes actually looked like.
The rest is just positioning of Anna's transfers and overlays sandwiching more lace in between. When I was happy with the composition I added a historical photograph blended using hard light and then elements like the rose etc.
Stunning page! I love the way you used a photo of your grandmother since you didn’t have one of your great great grandmother. What a brilliant idea! And it does sound like her life was very hard. Love your blending. Stunning page!
fantastic, love your gorgeous blending and use of the texture ♥congrats on Standing O♥
Amazing! Love how you used the photo of your grandmother. I found an old photo from the early 1900s of people I didn't recognize. One young girl in the photo looked so much like my sister, then realized that it was my grandmother at a young age. Genetics! Congrats on the Standing O!
Fantastic! Your research and your layout. Love the sandwiched lace bits and especially the one on her face and beautiful cluster. Congrats on the SO!

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