Inspiration – I was think about party and then I remembered I had yet to create a page using the bowling party pictures. I am waiting for permission to use photos of my fellow employees, so I decided to stick to photos of me.
Start – Opened Artsy Layered Template 185
Mask – I created my own mask by painting in black over an area the looked to be good for my focal photo.
Frames – I used the frames that came with the template but moved them to suit my needs.
Paper – I placed Artsy Paper 4 over the background because it matched the template – this allowed me to turn off most o the layers of the template and to have an almost finished page.
Photo – I attached my focal photo to the mask Layer using Layer>Create Clipping Mask, then I added three pictures to the frame.
Elements – Used Jazzed up Loop Da Loop 5.2 over the black and white photo. Added Multimedia Balloon 2.1 so the string appeared to be held in my hand.
Title cluster – used a word art Let’s Party but turned off party and added Bowl in the same color.
Journal – The company’s attempt to have a Christmas party fell flat, too many previous commitments by employees. So, it was decided we would wait till after the holidays to get together. A bowling party was suggested at the Garden Bowl in Kennebunk. And the party began to take shape. We varied in our abilities, but it didn’t matter as we all had a grand time. Bowling when you have balance issues makes for an interesting experience. It’s okay to laugh at me I did.
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Love what you did so much I went back and changed two things on my last layout. One being the larger photo clipped to a fotoblendz.
Fun party and documentation! I think if I went bowling I'd fall flat on my face, it's been that long.

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