All Is Calm

All Is Calm

Because I am taking the aAProject 2016 Class and watching Annas process in her eye-opening, informative videos, I am getting over my nasty fear of templates. So much so, that after opening this template and started work, I quickly forgot I was working with a template. Its a miracle.

Artsy Layered Template No. 240ArtsyLayeredTemplateNo.240
ArtPlay Palette GarlandArtPlayPaletteGarland
Evergreens No. 2EveryreensNo.2
MultiMedia Holiday No. 2MultiMediaHolidayNo.2
Holiday WordART Mix No. 5HolidayWordARTMixNo.5
Holiday WordART Mix No. 4HolidayWordARTMIxNO.4[/ur]
ButtonThreadz No. 2[url=http://www.oscraps.com/shop/ButtonThreadz-No.-2.html]ButtonThreadzNo.2

Photo: MorgueFile

Process Notes: After opening the template I selected the four photo frames and rotated them to a landscape orientation. I brought in the photo, resizing and duplicating it to clip to each photo mask. I linked all of that business after I was happy with it.

As is my habit when I work with templates, I turn off the visibility of all the artsy layers to get my bearings. I then go through the stack and turn them back on one at a time to see what they are doing in relation to each other and how they will relate to the photo. I wanted to keep it simple because the photo is something of a whisper. The quiet of the snow.

I used everything except one tape and one texture and left all the others in the layer stack as is except for the second tape, which I moved and rotated under the photo cluster. I recolored the masks and stains under the photo cluster to white and a color from the photo, turning down the opacity on some. On the large mask on the right side I duplicated the photo one more time, resizing and clipping it to the mask. I placed the green transfer over it to run down the page.

I brought in a glow from the MM Holiday 2, duplicated it and placed those where the trees are receding into the distance in both the photo cluster and the large photo on the right. I put them on Screen blend mode and turned down the opacity.

Using one of the Evergreen brushes, I tucked that under the photo cluster at the left and recolored it using the same color from the photo I used on the stains, and put it on Color Burn mode at 100% opacity. I used the scribble overlays from the palette and brought in the word art for the title and placed a couple more word art mix pieces on the page. I put a little bevel and emboss on the title. Finally, I placed the glitter leaf and button and thread along with a splatter over the photo cluster. There you have it!
Wonderful winter wonderland photo! Love just the simple touch of green and red! Gorgeous, Barbara!
Beautiful winter scene. I like the black and white photo over the neutral background.
Love! The photo framing. The contrast of colors/values. The repetition of the tree.
Congratulations! Your project was featured on the Gallery Standouts blog! http://gallerystandouts.com/fingerpointing/2016/finger-pointing-december-10th-4/

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