**WINNERS ANNOUNCED** Day 11 - This or That | GAME


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$10 to Veronica Spriggs: @Adryane
$5 to Palvinka Designs: @spenny

Watch your private messages for your coupon!



PLEASE READ: This is the LAST GAME of the Christmas Event.
You need to have participated in ALL of the games by 11.59pm PST 15th December 2021 to be eligible for any of the Grand Prizes.
Don't forget to UPDATE your TRACKING THREAD as well! :)

Welcome to day 11! I hope you've been having fun so far, and I have a fun, easy game for you to play. Feel free to play as many times as you want, just don't reply to your own post (at least one in between your posts). Each time you play gives you a chance to win the $10 coupon to Veronica Spriggs or the runner up prize of $5 to Palvinka Designs . You need only to play once for your chance at the grand prize!

Here's how this works - I will start by posting two options, you pick one of them (and only one) and post two options for the next person. You can pick something simple or very specific.

For example - I post Coke or Pepsi?

Next person answers (for me, that's Coke) and states a new This or That - like Chocolate or Vanilla?

Easy as pie!

So, I'll start (speaking of pie!) ....

Pie or cake?

- Winner 1 - $10 to Veronica Spriggs
- Winner 2 - $5 to Palvinka Designs
*All prize coupons will be distributed after the games and challenges are closed at the end of the month.

- Choose one option given from the person above you, then post your own This/That option. Play as many times as you want for more chances to win, you just can't answer your own this/that question (minimum one person in between).
- This game closes at PST 11.59 pm 15 December 2021 AND ALL GAMES close at this time as well.
- Please note: Games closes earlier than the Challenges. In order to be eligible for one of the Grand Prizes you need to have participated in ALL of the games prior to them being closed.
- Create a post in the 12 DAYS TRACKING THREAD 2021 to keep track of your completed layouts games participation.
(We will select our Grand Prize winners from this thread, so create a post now and remember to keep updating it throughout the month!
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Ooh! I'll take a rich chocolate fudge cake!

Clean and Simple or Lots of Clusters?


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Both - but maybe a little - okay! - a lot more Christmas

A warm sunny tropical beach or a snow topped secluded mountain?