Gallery Guidelines as of February , 2023

Diane Erickson

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Hi everyone!
  1. All layouts uploaded as of February 1 2021 must contain at least 50% Oscraps products that are currently in the store (a template equates to 15%).
  2. Please credit ALL the products you have used, for a non-Oscraps designer please mention their name but not their store and do not link to a non-Oscraps designer
  3. Please ensure that any photo you use is NOT copyrighted and if applicable, provide the appropriate credits for it.
All other guidelines remain in place:
  1. Please post only 5 layouts per day .
  2. Layout size should be 600x600 and 250 kb
  3. No outside linking (please don't post links to products or services sold outside of Oscraps)
  4. Please refrain from "drive-by layout dropping" —meaning do not post layouts in our gallery to simply fulfill your CT requirements. Please join us in the forum and introduce yourself and participate in challenges so we can get to know you better.
  5. Oscraps reserves the right to delete any layout at their discretion not following these guidelines above.
  6. Oscraps is considered a friendly, family environment where we want everyone to feel comfortable and safe, therefore, no nudity, obscene, racist, unlawful, abusive, discriminatory, offensive, defamatory and inciting political or religious material will be tolerated.
Refer to FAQ Sheet below for further information.

Please indicate below that you have read and accepted the new guidelines.
Looking forward to meeting our new members!
Vicki & the Cheery O's
I have read the Gallery Guidelines and agree to follow them.
Diane Erickson


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Gallery Guidelines FAQ SHEET

All layouts uploaded must contain at least 50% Oscraps product that are current in the store (a template equates to approx 15%).
  • If you are using an Oscraps template for instance, you still need to use some Oscraps product to bring the percentage up to at least 50% Oscraps content. Non-Oscraps products can be used but please make sure that the min. 50% of Oscraps products used on your layout are products that are currently available in the store at the time of you posting your layout.
  • The 50% Oscraps product guideline only applies to general gallery posting. Please follow individual challenge requirements which normally are using 80% Oscraps products currently available in the store.

Please credit ALL the products you have used, including non-Oscraps designers but not their store.
  • When uploading a layout to the gallery please credit all products used, including non-Oscrap products. For non-Oscraps content credit the designer but do not name or advertise any other store except for Oscraps.

Please ensure that any photo you use is NOT copyrighted and if applicable provide the appropriate credits for it.
  • Be aware that a lot of images from sites such as Pinterest and Google Images are subject to copyright and should not be used in a layout and uploaded to online galleries, including the Oscraps gallery!
Please post only 5 layouts per day.
  • In our new gallery, your uploaded layout is counted as one upload no matter how many other galleries you add it to.
  • After the layout is uploaded you can use the Edit link under the layout to add your layout to additional galleries if you wish.
  • To replace just the image/layout (and not any text etc), use the Change Media link and not the Edit link.
  • Note: In the new gallery software, your layout is NOT automatically added to the Members Gallery, you need to add it yourself.
Oscraps reserves the right to delete any layout at their discretion.
A message via conversation will be sent to the member uploading a layout not fitting the updated gallery guidelines, asking them to either remove the layout or edit the content. If no reply is received after 7 days then the layout will be removed.

  1. From February 1 2021 layouts that don't meet the updated gallery guidelines will be removed and a Conversation sent to the member, advising that their layout was removed.
  2. The member is most welcome to re-upload their layout after editing.
  3. Repeated offenders will unfortunately be banned.
Please remember that you are posting your images on the internet.
A reminder that while the Oscraps gallery isn't a giant platform like Facebook, it is a public forum so your images will be indexed by search engines like google, etc. If you do not want something to be forever preserved on the web, please don't post it. Oscraps does not have control over that aspect of being on the internet.
Thank you for the clarity of your post. I used to upload weekly for years but haven't participated in about 2 or 3 years. My wish is to renew my photoshop abilities and interaction with O'scraps. Thank you, Lynn