Daily Ooos: Thursday, May 12


The Loopy-O
"member when I said this week was supposed to be rainy and cool-- the weather forecaster *lied* if you can believe it. :p

It's been nice seeing the sun. It didn't come out until much later yesterday so I didn't make it outside. It looked like it was going to rain most of the day. Cait and I were talking about party supplies and we didn't have a free day we could go together except yesterday. I thought she would want to decompress but she said she could do that with me.
We ran all over and got a lot taken care of- Dollar Store/Walmart/Target/BJs. Napkins, cups, helium and balloons, and some decorations-- Crossing all of that off of my list! We had fun together-- she was laughing about how we didn't stress out *once*. I told her that it was much much MUCH easier to spent other people's money (My mom gave me money to put towards the paper goods which was a HUGE help).
We got home, unpacked everything from the car, and had leftover pizza for dinner. A good day.

Today I am cleaning this morning and then no clue for this afternoon. It's beautiful out right now, so yard work is a possibility. I have to see how tired I am when I get home.

What fun plans do you have for today?


The Loopy-O
@taxed4ever did the rain hold off until the hike was over?
Congrats on getting the chairs put together, and IKWYM about no strength in your hands. I wouldn't trust sitting on a chair that I put together. It is really easy to get distracted when you have so many different things pulling you in different directions.
I hope that you order the headphones soon, you deserve them!

@bcgal00 That is such a bummer about everything being back-ordered for so long. I hope that you can get some of the items switched around a bit so you don't have to wait as long. How exciting to have your pool and hot tub ready to go soon.
You are going to do fab on the semi-keto diet. My cholesterol was elevated and the Dr suggested I take Metamucil every day- the powder not the capsules. It's supposed to help bring down cholesterol without meds. It's gross (I don't like anything floating in my drink and it def. settled towards the bottom) but if it helps, it's worth a try.
Caitlyn is thrilled to be done. Most of the grades are on and it is looking like another semester of Straight As. She let me read a comment from her internship supervisor and I got so choked up with the wonderful things he had said.

@tanteva Thank you soooo much!! Caitlyn is graduating with her Master's in Social Work. She has a Bachelor's Degree in Psychology and this will let her work as a social worker/counselor- once she passes her licensing exam (and pays a ton of fees out the wazoo). As for what actual field she is going to work in, she still isn't sure- if she wants to be a certified Play Therapist- that is more schooling. Same if she wants Animal Assisted Therapy. Thank goodness she loves schools and learning. She needs to find a job that will pay for continuing education ;)
Sometimes we need that kick in the butt for speed cleaning! Although we wouldn't want it to get out that at Pres of LHA was actually cleaning LOL!!

@Cherylndesigns I wish it was in the 80s. Although it felt that hot when we were sitting in traffic on the way home yesterday- so much hotter in the car than out.
I saw one of the LOs of the kittiens- how awesome that you are going to keep one of them plus Momma!
Hmm, why does it seem that you attract all of the people who cannot ever sit still? :D:D:D


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Good morning everyone! It is raining this morning, but hey at least it held off until after supper last night! Our hike was great and the sun even came out a few times! A great hikers hike, with lots of ups and downs and great little trails meandering through the forest. We had our lunch overlooking a sweet little lake, that most of us did not even know existed on Maple Mountain. I hope to get a page done featuring this hike today. DH did get the chairs all ready last night and now we can feel confident that they won't fall apart when someone sits on them LOL. We decided to tackle the table together this weekend. Its going to be a rainy weekend anyway, so it will be a good indoor project for us to do. I need to get Jonah's birthday card in the mail today and will order Mason's birthday gift today also. We are giving him a new kid's fitbit. I gave him my old one a while back, but it bit the dust, so hopefully he will love this one.

@faerywings - That is awesome that you and Caitlyn had such a productive and fun shopping trip! A big relief I bet to have some things crossed off of your to do list! I miss shopping with my daughter! We try to do a shopping day whenever we are together, harder now that we have to make sure the boys are being taken care of while we are shopping though. Hopefully we can do a trip this summer! WTG Caitlyn and congrats to her for getting straight A's again!! Hope that she can find which path she wants to take in the near future and that she finds a great job to help her pay for her further education.

@bcgal00 - I hear ya on the waiting for new furniture and appliances!! Look how long it took us to get our kitchen table and chairs!! Congrats on the weight loss already! I have been stalled for 2 years now and can't seem to lose those last 10 lbs grrr!! I have been tweaking my diet and cutting down on the dairy, so hopefully that will help me out. Hope you are on your deck this morning, enjoying your coffee and watching the birds and other wildlife around you!

@tanteva - Ha, ha on the speed cleaning! I have had to speed vacuum many times! It's amazing how quickly you can get things somewhat tidy looking when you have to!

@Cherylndesigns - There is always something fun going on at your place!! Wish I had someone here who couldn't sit still and would weed for me!! My DH has a hard time keeping still, but would never offer to do the weeding LOL. Glad that you got to do a page about the sweet little kitty! I left you some lovin.

Here is another sweet but oh so funny kitty! It's a birthday card that my sisters gave to me this year, hope it makes you smile today!


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Good morning ladies. Have to be quick this morning b/c I need to get dressed. The hot tub guy is guying any minute. They will be lifting it over the fence and putting it on the cement pad under the deck. It should be up and running by tonight as long as the electrical box is ok. The pool is filled and we just need someone to check that D got it all hooked up properly and then tell us what chemicals to put in. We need to go buy a solar warmer cover for it.

Went back to the store yesterday and got refunded on everything except the dishwasher and microwave. We'll wait for those b/c they go with the appliance set we bought and it all matches so don't want something else. I was able to find a bedroom set that I love, especially the headboard. It is silver and pink. Goes perfectly with my gray and pink decor. Also found 2 chairside tables. Decided not to get a second club chair, don't really need it. Brought home the rug for the upstairs main area. Even found a few grey/white striped pillows for the patio set. It all comes next week. I have a small magazine rack coming tomorrow. Then I think I am done with furniture buying. Yay. I will start focusing on printing photos and frames soon.

@faerywings Glad you had good weather and had a fun day of shopping with C.

I'd better get going, get dressed and more coffee.


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@taxed4ever Looks like we cross posted this morning. Glad you had a great hike and look forward to seeing your page about it. It took so long but now you have your new set and will enjoy it once the table is together. That kitty card is just priceless! Love it.


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Good morning, lovelies.

I'm up early - I've got a lot on my mind and Casey asked if she could come clean today instead of yesterday. I had 2 layouts I started night and finished up this morning. I had to get up and at 'em because Carey is probably chomping at the bit to get down here. LOL Trudy @taxed4ever we DO have so many people around here that can't sit still. Hahaha. Ava decorated her porch last night - she Face Timed me at 11 to show me - it looks beautiful!! I can't wait to sit out there. It won't be tonight because we're having "Girls Night Out" - we're all going to an outside restaurant/bar where they have live (country) music - the best kind. Ryan's mom, Anne Marie is also going. We're going to have fun!

Adrienne and Carey got the arch up yesterday - (they had to bolt in into the railroad ties to keep it from blowing down and I found some brackets that we're going to drive down into the ground over the edges that will REALLY secure it. Carey and I decided that we're going to move one of my zebra grasses before she leaves on the 20th. She wants to go get some mulch, too. I swear that girl - she's only about 5' and teeny tiny, but strong as a bull. We're going to go to the nursery and buy 2 climbing plants for the arch, too. She said "Use me while I'm here, Mom" - she's the girl I told you about who used to stay with us regularly when her mom kicked her out - she practically lived at our house during high school.

I've heard the electric saws going since about 7 am - Roger never stops, either. He and Tom are working on their deck. The fun never stops around here. We jokingly refer to it as "Ranch Life".

Chris @faerywings sounds like you and Cait are cooking on the front burner, as Grandma used to say. LOL You have to be as proud as a peacock.

I'd better go - need to jump in the shower and get ready for my day. Hugs

PS Trudy @taxed4ever glad you liked my kitty LO and that card made me chuckle. Thanks for posting it.


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Can you believe it?! Woke up this morning with a sore throat & I am so cold. Thought I had filled my quota of being sick in 2022. *sigh*

Probably an allergic reaction to me cleaning yesterday. LOL

Lynn Grieveson

Hi! I've been a bit quiet because a. I've been busy with the whole iNSD prep and sale o_O and b. I feel like I would just come in and talk about my house still failing to sell and bore everyone :cool:

My tenants moved out (heading overseas) and I've paid for it to be staged for 7 weeks. It looks OK but not a fan of the fake bananas in the kitchen :p


The agent tried to take some new photos and said the results weren't usable so I went there on a sunny morning and now the listing is almost entirely my photos (after I spent $$$ on professional pics last month)


@tanteva sorry about the sore throat :-(
@bcgal00 I think the process of furniture and appliance buying is one of those things that sounds fun until you start then the enjoyment quickly wears off!


Good morning ladies. I know, this is really a good night in this thread but I wanted to stop in and say hi. I am still on European time a bit but it is getting better. Wednesday morning I was up at 3:00, Thursday at 4:00 and this morning at 5:00. Hoping by this weekend I can get back to a regular schedule.

The trip to Europe was really perfect...we had our moments...but in retrospect it was perfect. I cannot wait to do some layouts. I have so many ideas in my head.

The paper chain count down is over. The next events are all related to Sydney leaving and I sure don't want to watch that chain get shorter.#mad

I will be back in the Friday thread this evening to do personals. Very anxious to catch up with everyone. And I have all sorts of CheeryO tasks to take care of! Plus I should buy some groceries like we are actually living here. Oh, and we might be putting the house on the market this weekend so some cleaning would be good. But that's a story for later as well.