Daily Ooo's: November 14 and 15


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So, while Chris is visiting with family, I thought I'd sneak in and start a Daily Ooo's thread for the weekend. Yeah, I know, TWO days at once ;)

How is everyone's weekend going? Hubby had CNN on a lot yesterday, so we keep getting updates on the state of affairs in France. So sad. Right now, I'm scrapping while everyone else is asleep, including the dog (which is unusual - she usually follows me everywhere!). Booked my flights to see Mum last night and then called her - she's so happy :aussieflag

Unless I HAVE to, I'm thinking today's going to be a jammies day - don't think I need to go out anywhere (did all my errands yesterday).

Heather - that sucks about the leak - and around a light, too?! I hope someone can fix that soon for you. Hopefully you don't need major roof repairs. I've heard that Inside & Out is a great movie ... haven't seen it yet. Waiting for a week or so for the last installment of The Hunger Games to come out (have read the book several times, seen all the earlier movies).


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Kat thanks for starting. It has been a weekend of watching the shattering news. Had many discussions with sons on what can be done. Glad we had these talks. Today though is going to be a nice dinner with my family celebrating a birthday.

Kat enjoy the day in your jambes!

Heather bummer about the leak.

Have a great day all!


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Hi Nancy - enjoy the birthday celebrations! :whoo: And, for sure, I'm enjoying the jammies day - haven't got out of them! And haven't had a shower, either. Might have to rectify that :yuck: ;)


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I either have a stomach flu or a bit of food poisoning. I was really sick last night, spent most of the night curled up in a ball on the bathroom floor. When I did fall asleep here and there I dreamt about getting sick and then would wake up in stomach pain and nausea. What a nasty night. I'm happy to say that I'm feeling a fair bit better today but am sticking to tea, jello and plain chicken as I'm still a bit nauseous and crampy. What a way to spend my weekend.