Daily Ooos: Monday, May 9


The Loopy-O
Good morning and Happy Monday and all that good stuff.
Guess what?? The sun is out! It is seriously still very cold (40*) but at least I see the sun. How was your weekend and Mother's Day? It was god-awful boring here. I mean, it was fine, we didn't plan on doing anything but even as a regular day, it was boring. Too cold/damp to be outside. Scott was working and Gary is involved in a project. Caitlyn and Tom were doing their own thing and I couldn't get my brain engaged fully. I started a scrap page, did some research on sheet cakes, and began my food shopping order.

The highlight of my day was thanks to Scott. He called to ask if there was any coffee leftover in the coffeepot and if so, could I meet him in the driveway with it. He pulls up, gives me his travel mug and I top it off with the cold, stale coffee. Then he hands me a bouquet of flowers! :D After he drove off, I texted him thank you-- and had to ask if he tossed the coffee out as soon as he drove off. He does not like stale coffee- at all. I should have known something was up. But he said he did finish it, it must have been a boring day for him as well. ;)

Not much happening here, I think I am going to make the dough for the vegan breadsticks for the party. I can freeze the dough for 3 months according to the recipe. Unless I want to buy bread flour-- the recipe calls for bread flour but I use regular flour for the family. I wonder if it would make a difference. Maybe I should hold off. ugh (this is how my brain just fries itself)
Maybe I will work on the food list and buy the bread flour. I can make the dough at any point. *bangs head on the desk*

If it ever warms up-- I should go outside. Just breathe a bit if nothing else.

wishing you a fantastic day!


The Loopy-O
@BrightEyes Sheesh, most of the calls on our landline are either our parents or scams/car warranties. Wish there was some way to block them.
You are lucky that you are good at sewing. I have never been able to get the hang of it. Caitlyn offered to take the sides in on one of the tops that I got but I don't know if she could do anything that complicated with pants. LOL-- that is funny how body shapes are with you and DD#2. Caitlyn is slightly taller than me but her legs are longer, she has a short torso.
I know that 90* is too hot for you but dang, I wish it was like that here. I still have the plastic on the windows from the winter and the heat is still on.

@bcgal00 I was thinking of Jen yesterday as well as Sam's mom with it being the first time without Sam's brother. I am sending huge hugs to you all, I can not imagine the sadness and loss that you feel. Can you pass the hug along to Jen too?

@mom2triplets04 Hi Laura! You sound like you are having a great time shopping! I keep my kits by designer name. Of course, 99.99999% of my kits are from here so I don't know if that helps. I used ACDSee for tagging so I don't; know if this is possible in your system--. What I do in ACDSee is I have a Category for Oscraps. I used to have one for Mscraps and Scrap Girls, two other stores I used to purchase stuff from. I could then tag the kits with the designer stores, multiple stores if they sold in more than one.

@Kythe you look mah-velous! (*said in Billy Crytal voice*)
I am working on Ona's tutorial too.

@Cherylndesigns What a fab morning you had with the family :) talk to me about this egg casserole, please! And the sausage gravy too, recipes!! I know I have said it before but Ava and Caitlyn would have so much fun together- dangerous but fun. LOL The dressing room reminds me of when my kids closed me in the laundry room and turned the light out on me. Two weeks ago hahah
Fancy. Bwuahahhahah!!!

Love to all of you!!!!


all i need is Oscraps, cOffee, chOcOlate & tOfu
I'm at work, lunch break. Heard something from a customer about our Resident Drama Queen (basically talking sh*t aboutour boss). Now I don't know if I should say anything to the boss or not? I mean the b*tch is leaving soon any way. Waiting for Urban to come back from a meeting, so I can ask him what to do. Just needed to vent.

Boy, it sure was easier when I was full-time house wife. So much better work mates, I.e the cats. LOL


Good morning ladies! Last day in London. Last night was so much fun! We went to an immersive theater to watch The Great Gatsby. And they really did do the immersion part! We moved from room to room in small groups. It was as if we were at Jay Gatsby’s for a party. I got to play a small part in one scene because I played along. I love live theater although I haven’t done that since before kids.

Today we wandered around London. We got our COVID tests and all tested negative so we can return home tomorrow. Only 200 pounds. :rolleyes:

The Prime Minister’s residence had both the flag of the UK flying as well as the flag of the Ukraine. That was nice to see. Tonight we head to My Fair Lady which just opened here. I am so incredibly excited. And, by this time tomorrow, I will be about halfway through the flight across the pond.

I can’t wait to see the dogs although my niece has sent pictures everyday and they have all seemed quite happy.


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Morning everyone and a be-lated Happy Mother's Day to all you wonderful ladies!! My day was filled with phone calls and face times with my family! I love technology!! What would I do if I couldn't see those happy faces and hear those sweet voices?? Our son announced that he got a promotion and his new position will be entirely working from home! He is pretty happy about that, especially since the price of gas has risen again! One of their vehicles runs on diesel and that is now much higher than gas. $2.60 a litre. YIKES!! I spent the morning having coffee and breakfast on the front deck with my DH in the sunshine! What a pleasant and unexpected surprise that was! It was supposed to be a very rainy day. I love it when the weather man is wrong about the rain! After the calls from the kids I got busy cleaning and got ready for the In-laws and yes, youngest SIL came with her man too! It was great to see them again! We had the Chinese food delivered and it was delicious! We did some gift exchanging and had lots of laughs! It was nice that the days are longer, so no one had to drive home in the dark! We sent home all the left overs with MIL and FIL. They were very happy with that! So today it is quiet in the house and I hope to get caught up here at the O!

@faerywings - Chris It must have seemed strange to have such a quiet Mother's Day! The kids are at that age when their lives are getting so busy! I miss the hustle and bustle of having my kids around, guess its something that most Mom's miss when their kids are all grown up. It would be different I think if they all lived close and we could see each other more often! How sweet that Scott surprised you with the flowers!! What a great son you have! Hope that you manage to get a few more things accomplished today for all of your upcoming events! It sure must be keeping you busy!

@LSlycord - Oh my gosh Linda, its time for you to head home already??? How did that happen??!! What a whirl wind of a trip you have had! Had a good laugh at your story about sitting down on the floor of the train station! I love those moments when you can't stop laughing over the silliest of things! Your night at the immersive theatre sounded like it was so much fun! Good for you for participating!! Ugh on the cost of the Covid tests, but yay for all testing negative!! Have a fun time at My Fair Lady tonight, I know how much you have wanted to see it! Hope your flight home is good with no delays!

@tanteva - How awful to hear that your boss is being talked about that way! I say if she is leaving soon anyway, then just keep it to yourself! Who needs that kind of drama!! Yes cats are much better work companions!!!

@Kythe - Ohhh you do look marvellous!! Love your new AVI and siggie too!

Opps Heather is face timing so I will continue after her call!


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Good morning ladies. I have some grocery shopping to do and meal planning to do today. I ordered a large pack of 1 carb tortillas from amazon and will freeze them. I told D that we need to get a small freezer to put downstairs. I just can't manage with the fridge freezers. I am used to stocking up and this is driving me crazy. I'm going to go to go look today. I small chest freezer should work ok. Yesterday my morning walk was amazing. I saw a mama and her three babies sleeping in a tree. I couldn't get great photos but it was so amazing to just stand and watch them. I also got photos of 3 birds I've never seen before, a western tanager, wilson's warblerr and an yellow rumped warbler (gotta love merlins bird id). There were two sets of ducklings which were fun to photograph. I also saw birds coming in and out of both of our birdhouses so maybe we'll have babies this spring. I hadn't seen any activity around the houses for 3-4 days so I thought they had been abandoned. Jen and I made cauliflower crust pizza for dinner and D had a burger and potato salad. We watched 5 episodes of The Flight Attendant and its as good as season one. So I am glad that we got thru Moms Day and now can carry on. Holidays are going to be hard this year. We are dreading Xmas this year but we have months to think about how to change things up to help us thru it.

@faerywings How sweet of Scott to bring flowers for you.
@taxed4ever Sounds like a great family time. Don't you just love it when the weather surprises you in a good way :)

I'm going to go research online for freezers, then will shower and head out to go look. Wish me luck.


Morning, everyone. Been up for awhile just playing around on the computer. Mainly thinking about a June Challenge I will be hosting here. Need to put my thinking cap on and find a kit/collection that will spark the creativity of what to do for it. I am sure there will be something that does it before the end of May.

Got a call from DD#2 yesterday and was fumbling around with the new phone trying to figure out which button I needed to push to answer it! #dk #crazy There is not a button that says answer or On or Call!! I managed to hit the 'speaker' button and that turned it on!!! Realize after the phone call that there was large button with Cell 1, Cell2, Home and Off on it. Turns out the Home in the lower left corner is the one that turns the phone on!!! :D It was nice to chat with her and get caught up on how she is doing. She if finally able to drive again - and drives herself to Pulmonary PT sessions. Yes, she is still on Oxygen but is slowly working the volume down.

I spent a lot of the day reading and relaxing while waiting for the laundry to get done. Yes, it is going to be hot again (high 80's) with very high winds. I kept the house closed up as there is a lot of smoke and dirt and pollen in the air. Doing the same today. Tomorrow is my Red Hat chapter lunch so will be out and about most of the day.

@LSlycord I can't believe your trip is almost over!!! LOL over you playing a small part in the immersion theater event! WOW... that is a lot of $$$ to have to spend on Covid tests so you can fly back home!

@taxed4ever Sounds like it was a wonderful day with the family. Yes, it is nice when the visitors leave and you can relax out on the patio.

@bcgal00 the 1st year after a loss is so hard. Each new milestone brings back so many memories of them. Glad you have family with you to help each other through those times. I hear you about needing/wanting a separate freezer so you can stock up. I would be loss without mine.

@Cherylndesigns I asked DD#2 if they had the bad storms you had since they aren't that far away from you. She said they got rain and lost power for a few hours... but no tornado warnings or flooding. I gather that the road to town was passable so you gals could go shopping.

@Kythe I love the LO you made about the High Tea! You look so beautiful and full of life. So nice to see you back to posting again.

Time to get dressed and get a few chores done around here. CYL


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Good afternoon lovelies.

I'm really tired today - food coma. LOL I didn't tell you all that Adrienne had some friend make the most luscious cinnamon rolls - they were the best I've ever had! I don't eat sweets very often, but sometimes I can handle them in the evening - weird, I know, but never on an empty or semi empty stomach. I shouldn't have eaten it, but oh heck, I have to splurge and pay for it every now and then. I didn't sleep as well as usual because by the time I went to bed, they were really rocking and rolling in my stomach. UGH. I started kicking myself, hen just said "self - settle down and it will pass" and I finally went to sleep. LOL

Chris @faerywings the kids locked you in the laundry room 2 weeks ago??? BWAHAHA Your family must be as crazy as ours! Ava tried three times to get a good pic of Braden and her bf Ryan and Adrienne photo bombed every one of them. She's the instigator of lots of shenanigans and Ava follows closely behind her. Get the 3 of us together - Bam!
This is my "mature daughter" - look at her hand. This was "take 3". Doesn't Ryan (on the right) look just like Braden? He's such a sweetie and just "rolls" with our crazy family.

Kay @BrightEyes when we pull out onto the main road from our property, there are two different directions - one goes into town - that isn't the road that's torn up - thankfully. The other direction is still shut down. Ava and I tried to go through them and they're completely eroded out of the sides of the roads! There's no way to get through.. We went over to the lake, where they keep their boat in the marina and what used to be parking lot and just gravel is completely underwater. There is water halfway up the trucks of the trees. They got over there yesterday, finally, to check on the boar. The marina has built some walkways for people to go check on their boats. They have their boat on Lake Tenkiller, which is in our backyard. Roger said yesterday that there are still 2 trees in our pond besides the one they pulled out. They're going to have to bring in special equipment to try to get the pond back to the figuration it was before. It's mostly sand now. He explained it all to me, but it pretty much went over my head. I'm glad your son didn't have tornadoes! You're so close to us - well, we're on the farthest NE side, but your state touches ours on the west side.

Trudy @taxed4ever glad you had a nice day. I also know what you mean about everybody leaving. Chuck's favorite saying (about the grandkids, especially, "The happiest day is when they all come over and the next happiest day is when they all leave" - he's got a saying for everything. BWAHAHA

Chris @faerywings I'll have to get Chuck's recipe - he's gone right now but this one was especially good. it had a little "crust" on top - I think he did something different this time. He plays around with it every time he makes it. The gravy is easy -if you have any kind of bacon or sausage that you can brown a little bit in, you can start with that. If not, you just make a "roux" - you can totally use butter, olive oil, flour, then start adding milk, salt and pepper, and keep adding milk (or half and half) until it's the consistency you want. If you start it from a roux, it will be white. (Somethines, it's called "white sauce", but you can thicken it up to make it "gravy". If you use drippings, it will turn more brown. Grandma used to keep bacon/meat grease and put it in a jar to make gravy with. Alyssa browned some sausage and made hers with that. It was delicious!! She was so proud of herself. Adrienne didn't even know how to make gravy - she was going to buy Bob Evans gravy LOL. Alyssa made 2 gravies - one with some little pieces of sausage in it and one w/o. They were both brown.

Rae @bcgal00 the FIRST holidays are the worse, but they never get much better for me. The intense pain just lets up a bit over the years. My first year holidays were a blur. One year, we lived in Michigan and were going back "home" to Indiana for Thanksgiving and I begged off and said I wanted to drive alone. It was because I wasn't sure if I would even go. The family was fully expecting me to not show up. I wrestled with it until the very last minute, then shocked everybody by walking in the door AFTER dinner was all over. I still remember the looks on their faces.

Ok girlies - I'd better sign off - just wanted to share this funny "typical" picture from yesterday. Happy Monday. I made a layout last night, using Lynn's Positivity Collection and want to go post it now.


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Well it took a long time but I am finally back here LOL. Not like me to get distracted right?!! After talking with Heather I made a hamburger soup in the instant pot, it my DH's favourite! So nice that it only takes a few minutes to make! I sure go through a lot of bone broth and will need to make another batch of that pretty soon. Anyway I am happy to say that we get to pick up our new table and chairs today!! Hooray!! We've only been waiting for it since January!!! Sure hope there is nothing wrong with any of it! So now I need to get downtown and pick up DH's prescription for him as he will getting the new table instead of going to the pharmacy after work.

@bcgal00 - It will be a difficult time for you on all of the major holidays I am sure! Can't imagine that the sadness will ever go away, but hopefully it won't feel so raw over the coming years! Good luck with finding a great freezer and I will keep my fingers crossed that you find one quickly without having to pay too much!! You saw a mama and her babies sleeping in a tree, but what were they? bears, racoons, or birds? I imagine they were birds LOL. You have had lots of good subjects for your photos on your morning walks, how nice that the birds are using the houses on your fence!! Hopefully baby birds soon!

@BrightEyes - How crazy that your new phones are so different from your old ones, why do new things always have that learning curve LOL. Hope you have them all figured out now! My FIL goes through a panic everytime his cell phones rings as he can't remember how to answer it unless its connected to his blue tooth in his car #dk . We tease him about it and he laughs along with us! Too funny!

@Cherylndesigns - What a great photo! Your DD is a hoot! Yes Ryan does look a lot like Braden!!

Ok I had better get going and get to the pharmacy. Have a great afternoon everyone!