Daily Ooos: May 14-15: Weekend Edition


The Loopy-O
*cracks knuckles in a figurative way since I cannot stand the sound of cracked joints*
Let's get ready to roll. The next three weeks are gonna be *lit!*

I wasn't as successful as I had hoped yesterday in GSD (getting s*** done). My ILs came up to see Gary for his birthday in the afternoon and while I didn't need to"host," it was just enough of a distraction to lose momentum. But the good news is that I got two pounds of dough made for the breadsticks and they are in the freezer. My brother and I touched base for the stuff he has that I can borrow (chafing trays and sternos). While MIL was here, she based what to bring and Caitlyn had requested FIL's guacamole (yummmmmmm!) and I asked for a fruit salad. Getting there!!
Are any of you party planners? I need guidance on how much "stuff" I need to buy- not the paper goods, but food/drinks/alcohol. I always feel like I don't have enough but when it is only 20-25 people is it much easier to plan for. I started a shopping cart at the discount liquor store and I don't; even know what kind of beer is popular anymore. o_O

Today I need to focus on the week ahead and clean the house. I did the LHA President's (@tanteva ) version of cleaning before the ILs came but everything is dusty. I suppose the weather is good enough to take the plastic off of the windows. Also- I need to catch upon C-O duties here - I have really done a horrible job scrapping and commenting-- and we are halfway through the month!

I hope that you are enjoying a nice lazy (ha! I know that Trudy isn't maybe the rest of you are? :D:D:D ) weekend yourselves. Hugs to you all


The Loopy-O
@BrightEyes This week completely got away from me too. I don't get it, everywhere I look, the same thing is happening with estimates and/or service techs not showing up. Did the 2nd guy show up for the roof?
How is Chari feeling, is she able to walk with a cane or on her own yet?
It must feel like you are in the middle of the summer, it's still on the cooler side here, but we might be getting into the upper 70s this weekend,

@taxed4ever I am NOT going to complain about the temps here if you are seeing snow on the mountains! ack! The weather forecasters have been all messed up here too. (ROTF! If I didn't talk about the weather or the party I would have nothing to say- keep me company and talk about the weather too :) ) It never rained here and the sun came out while my ILs were here in the afternoon. *eye roll*
Scott had talked about moving out this calendar year but that was before everything went down with LL. ( :mad: ). I think if the opportunity came up he would move out with friends but it is so darn expensive.
I wish you could teleport to see your entire family and g-kids.

@bcgal00 how did everything go with the electrician? Is the hot tub running? (better go catch it *giggles* )
I have never heard of that spin mop- LMK what you think of it. The family I clean for has tiles that have lots of grooves and divots and she is always looking for something that will really clean them well.
The diet sounds like it is a good mix of "comfort" and healthy options.
have fun today looking for the Grebes (birds??)

@LSlycord The downsizing would be 100% worth it if you could be that close to the ocean! That is my dreammmmm . I don't think I can click on the link to it-- it is going to make me so darn jeaous. ;) I am at the point where I *hate* everything in my house, it is all old and run down and there isn't any money to update it. Just walking through Target the other day was making me jealous and depressed so I think that link would put me over the edge haha
You *are* meant for peace and you deserve all good things.

@Cherylndesigns That is too bad you didn't get to go out, sorry that you were feeling so crummy. Probably good that you didn't push yourself, especially since it was so loud. That would have made me feel even sicker. The arch will look so nice with the flowers around them

@Lynn Grieveson Happy Saturday/Sunday to you! I am also crossing my fingers and toes for a quick and easy sale!
Whew, that is good to hear that DH is feeling better. Is he a podcaster for his job or is it a hobby?

Better get the dogs outside, Jaida is jumping all over the place



Good morning ladies. The world is spinning wildly. Our house isn't on the market yet but our realtor mentioned it was going on the market to another agent and a couple from out of state is in town looking and our house has the things that they want. So, a real fast LHA clean...and I mean really fast. Our realtor is coming at 10 so that we can sign paperwork and then at 11, the kids and Brian and dogs need to be out of here and I stay while the people check out the house. Good thing that Mama O got us some new emojis.#crazy

Syd's friends back in Norwalk are starting their high school graduation parties this weekend. Makes me a little sad...but listening to everything that you are going through @faerywings I'm glad that I'm not planning a party right now.

@Cherylndesigns and @faerywings I think you are right...the place near the ocean would make the downsizing worthwhile. Lots of amenities in the community. Our weather has been pretty decent...mid 80's to 90's is coming up on a regular basis now.

@cherylindesigns I hope that you are feeling back to normal now. Being sick changes things so much.

@Lynn Grieveson I hope that you can get the sale behind you. If we both sell houses this weekend, we will really do a happy dance!

@bcgal00 one of the things that I dread is the thought of all the details when moving. Did you ever get your mail service straightened out?

@BrightEyes well the week may have gotten away from you but your layouts are wonderful. And what is wrong with service people nowadays. Brian keeps saying, "If we move, we will get someone in there to xxx." and no matter what he says in the xxx I have to say, "Remember, things are different now."

I did download lots of photos last night to my smugmug account so I'm ready to start scrapping.


all i need is Oscraps, cOffee, chOcOlate & tOfu
Barely left the sofa for 48 hours. I've seen so many crappy game shows, probably those who made me sick. LOL


Here it is afternoon before I could get in here to post. Spent the morning working on a LO for Challenge #5 - Creative Techniques. What a fun one... blending papers together to make a new background!! Love playing with it to bring out different colors that were in the photo and frame I wanted to use. Another new technique to add to my tool box!!! :D

Had a good - bad day yesterday. The roof guy arrived and was very good at his job. He took photos on his I-pad then showed me all the damage to the roof that needed to be repaired and talked to me about each of them. WOW... very professional and explained it all. Bad news is the cost $$$ - but after thinking it over, I have decided to hire them. Hope to get the contract signed on Monday. It will be about 3 weeks before the crew is available to do it.

The other bad news was the yard man didn't show up. Hoping to hear from him today. I have had him do work for me before so am willing to wait until he can make it over for the estimate and setting up the time for his crew to come.

@LSlycord WOW... that was a quick decision to sell your house and buy another one. Looks like it will be worth downsizing to get all those amenities! And great that your agent talked to another agent who had a client that might want the house. Hope it all works out on both places.

@tanteva So sorry you have been sick again! <<< hugs >>>

@Cherylndesigns Sending healing thoughts your way. Smart thing to stay home and recoup. I don't like being in a noisy crowd any more either. If I am out with others, I want to be able to hear and understand what they are saying.

@faerywings Sounds like you are getting a good start on getting things for Chris' party. Glad to hear that other family members are loaning you things to help out... and/or fixing things for the party.

Had a bit of a scare.... I couldn't find the paperwork/envelopes for the June estimated tax payments. Looked several places and finally found them in a folder in this year's holder... hidden behind another folder. They were both the same color. Whew...

Way past time for lunch so may do "lupper" - as my kids called lunch and supper together! Will go dig in the freezer and see what strikes my fancy.


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Good late afternoon.

Thanks for all of the get well wishes. I finally feel almost back to normal today. I haven't been worth too much for the last couple of days, though. Too much always going on around here! Braden's gf's graduation was last night then a party after. I begged off that, too. I hate to be a party pooper, but the graduation was outside and it's HOT here and rained off and on all day. I would have had to climg up those darned bleachers on the football field. I'm even more terrified of falling since I broke my collarbone.

Today, Adrienne and Carey came over and then Ava called and wanted all of us to go to lunch. That turned into a shopping trip too. She always knows where "the sales booths" are, too. We were super excited because they had T-shirts for $10 each! Not only that, but they were Yellowstone T-shirts!! We each bought 3 apiece. Couldn't make up our minds. They're around $40 in some of the stores! We ALL love T-shirts and when they're $10 - woohoo! I did buy one that was more expensive, but it was for a charity - I had tried to get one a couple of months ago and they were out of everything but tiny sizes. It's to suppose the Indigenous women who go missing and are sold into slavery. There are more Native Americans than any other group. It's so sad. Missing Murdered Indigenous Women M.M.I.W. https://mmiwusa.org/.

Chris @faerywings sounds like the party planning is rolling along. I'm not very good at planning, unfortunately. I always need to know how many are coming first. I did co-host a blow out party for my youngest dd a few years ago, but we pretty much know how many were going to be there. That's the party I told you about where we used our sheer curtains (both of us had some at home) and we put twinkle lights in therm. We "bundled" them around the poles that were on the lanai. I should dig those pictures out and show you. We got most of our stuff at The Dollar Tree and each had a lot of stuff already so it was really on a budget. We had twinkle lights everywhere - it looked like a fairyland. We both dug into out Christmas stuff and used our twinkle lights - didn't even have to buy any. Oh, the same woman and I did all the decorating for my dd and her son's wedding. I forgot about that. We used a lot of mirrors again from the Dollar Store and had lots of votibe candles bufning on the mirrors - it gave us tons of reflections. Again, we used our white Christmas twinkle lights. You can do a bunch of ambiance with twinkle lights and candles.

Kay @BrightEyes sorry you had a couple of down experiences. It's hard to find help, isn't it? It is really hard here. SO glad you found the paperwork you thought you'd lost!

I'm going to get off here and go see what trouble I can get into. I haven't been very productive around here for the last few days.



The Loopy-O
GSD Scale for May 14: 3/10
Aggravation at myself: 9/10
Goal for today: 13/10
Expectation: -800000/10
Chances that I will spend time outside instead of on the things I should be doing: +800000

I can not seem to rein in my head. This past week, I have had that nagging "doom" feeling just simmering a bit. It started before my SIL's bad news, then my BFF is having a tough time. My mom told me that's creatine/kidney function blood work came back higher than normal and they will need to recheck that before her surgery to make sure that her kidneys can withstand the surgery. Saw the news last night about another white supremacist shooting and I feel like I can't escape.

I have so much to do and I seriously need help, not that other people can help me unless they are a therapist LOL
(I know all of this sounds very dramatic but I am fine. Stressed and anxious but only slightly more than usual haha)

I have good news--Tif is officially back! Tif is my huge toad friend that lived on my patio last year. Their favorite place to hang out was in a long planter, they dug a hole and I would see their eyes looking up. I put an old clay pot in case they wanted a drier shelter but didn't usually see them hang out under it. But-- the last 2 days, they have been in the same planter as last year. I gave them a big welcome back!



The Loopy-O
Note to self: Get in the attic *early* to look for the summer clothes since it is finally going to get warm and humid!

@LSlycord How exciting, if a bit terrifying to have the house being prepped to sell. Good luck! That emoji is perfect (#crazy ) Did everything go ahead with the realtor smoothly?
Have you started scrapping yet?

@tanteva I hope that if this continues much longer that you see a Dr/specialist. Do you think you could have long covid?

@BrightEyes Sorry that the roof is going to be so expensive but the roofer sounds like he knows what he is doing and that is important. Tax papers are always a mess to find and interpret LOL I was working on our application for the NJ Property Tax Freeze for Seniors and Disabled people and couldn't find the right papers and then the numbers weren't adding up correctly. I had a vague memory of the same thing happening last year and was eventually able to figure it out. I left myself a note on this year's application so when I search for the info next year, it might help. *Might* heh

@Cherylndesigns I hear ya on not wanting to climb the bleachers and bake in the sun of you were still not feeling 100%
MMIW is a good org. Nice that you were able to find the t-shirt in your size.
Thanks for offering to look for the pics of the party lights - I asked Cait what she thought and we decided against it since we aren't sure of the rules for attaching anything to the walls of the firehouse. I love the idea of the mirrors and candles., must have looked so pretty! We are looking at 45 people attending.



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Happy Sunday everyone! It is very wet out there today! Another busy morning with DH and we are bottling a nice white wine this morning. So the oldies music is on and we will hopefully get this done quickly! Then the new table and chairs will be brought upstairs Hooray!! No more sore butt sitting at the kitchen table LOL. Just wanted to pop in quickly and say Hi!! I will catch up with you all a bit later! Hope that you have a sunnier day that what we are having here! CYL!!


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Good afternoon.

Feeling very tired today - I think I overdid it yesterday. Oh well, we had a nice day.

Chris @faerywings I'm sure whatever you do will look nice. Hey, "you gotta work with what you got" - fairylights and sheer curtains don't really fit the firehouse vibe. It will be great whatever you do.

I'm washing all of my t-shirts so I can wear one of them to dinner. Adrienne and Roger are grilling. For those of you who are Yellowstone fans, Adrienne and I both got a t-shirt that says "Don't make me go Beth Dutton on you!" Hahaha We've been wanting one and they were so pricey everywhere else.

It's hot here but pretty outside. I'm going to go out and look at my babies "herbs" in awhile. I still need lavender but I think we're going to the nursery this week so I'm hoping they'll have some. I'm going to get Wisteria and Morning Glories to put on each side of my arch.

I'd better sign off - talk more tomorrow.



Good evening. Is it already Sunday night? How can that happen? I got one layout done and my tracking posts updated so I'm getting back on track.

We submitted an offer on a house and had two different sets of people take a look at our house even though it isn't officially on the market until tomorrow or Tuesday. I know that we made the short list for one of the couples. We will know by tomorrow at 6:00 pm if our offer is accepted.

@Cherylndesigns hope that you are feeling back to normal heading into the next week. Love the Beth Dutton t-shirt.

@taxed4ever sounds like a great day if you start it by making wine!

@faerywings I hope that you enjoyed some time outside today. It sounds like you have a couple of pretty intense weeks ahead. Take some time to breathe.