Daily Ooos: Friday, September 23


The Loopy-O
Hey there O-fam! How are you today? I am shocked that I am upright and feeling fine. I had a fun night last night, a little too much fun, in the form of an entire bottle of wine by myself LOL

Cait and I went over to our friend's house. This is the family that moved in across the street when Cait was 18 months old, the DD is 10 days older than Caitlyn, they were inseparable until about HS. I have known Dani since she was that young and never had a drink with her. I think that kicked off the night's hilarity and it kept going on. Caitlyn was wearing work clothes when we went over, she had just gotten home and thought that if she put PJs on that she wouldn't want to leave the house. After Dani cracked up over how "adult" she looked in her blazer and trousers, Debbie offered Cait some sweats to change into if she wanted. Caitlyn ran across the street to put on her Halloween/year-round PJs -- just like old times. :D
We drank and ate pizza and caught up on her job (she works at Disney) and she and Debbie asked all about the engagement and wedding. Dani is the only "officially" asked bridesmaid and the two of them were recounting all of the times they got married when they were in preschool/Elem school. I know I have a picture of them with ring pops and bridal veils when they must have been 5 or 6 yo. I have to find it.

After a while, Dani's younger brother came home and hung out with us, that lead to getting out the old photo albums. What a trip!! So many good memories. Lots of pictures with young Scott too. My throat feels scratchy from talking and laughing so much, I am so not used to it. But I feel great all considering, I think the good company counteracted the alcohol. Poor Debbie was at the Harry Styles concert Wed night, then was drinking last night and had to go to work this morning. Hope she can sleep in tomorrow. Dani doesn't have to fly home until Sunday night so we told her to come over for bagels with us when my parents are here. They would *love* to see her too. They are Grandma Alice and Grandpa Charlie to her. I hope that she does, even for a little while.

Man, I am very chatty this morning. Let me post this and then check in with how all of you are!


Good morning! It is cool in Florida! The high today will be 84* and it was 74* when I got up. Seriously...this makes me feel so happy. Syd comes home tonight...Shaun just came downstairs to ask if she came home tonight of tomorrow. It is so funny because he really misses her but doesn't want to admit it.

Currently watching the hurricane predictions. I don't think that there is much chance that it hits us hard...think it will head west. But it could hit here so trying to keep an eye on things. We should have a better idea by Sunday afternoon. I don't want to take off for vacation if both of my kids are going to be down here in the middle of a hurricane. Good grief!

I need to do a grocery store run to get a few food items this morning. And Brian said that I need to grind the coffee beans this morning because we will run out of coffee this weekend and he knows that once Syd gets here, he will get absolutely no attention. And he is absolutely correct! :)


The Loopy-O
@LSlycord I don't get the whole "raw flour" thing myself but I would have felt terrible if I made the family sick. I am turning into my mom more and more every day :eek:
Congrats on the new phone- it's on pre-order? Are you soooo excited to see Syd?? Any plans for the weekend with her other than hug her every chance you get? The dogs will be so excited too. Whenever my nephew Dylan would come home for the weekend/break, their dog Georgia would go bananas. Like pee on the floor in the doorway when she saw him excited hahaha!
Have fun, only a few more hours to wait!

@BrightEyes So sorry to see that you are still waking so early. I hate when I lose interest in scrapping. You are such a prolific scrapper it has to feel very strange to you when that happens. Hope that the trip to the library and maybe a nap got you back in gear

@bcgal00 That is so fun thinking about Remi running like mad, her ears all flopping around!
What news shows are you watching now? Ghosts comes back next week, we adore that show. Hope that the pain isn't as bad today

@Cherylndesigns I have the patience of a gnat as well, so you will usually hear me muttering to myself in the middle of just about any project I am working on. But yes, the cake was a hit! Makes it worthwhile.
No news on the job for Scott. Hopefully, he will know soon.
How is the computer running today? No additional malware attacks?

@scrap-genie Thanks for the good thoughts for the kids and their job searches :)
I should log into Instagram and say hi to felis, I am never on that site anymore. I'm glad that she is still crocheting.

Hugs to everyone


So let's see if I can get personals done on a timely basis today! I got started on personals and then Shaun asked if I would make him oatmeal...and of course I would. He knows how to do it and does it for himself most of the time...so, if he asks, I'm jumping at the chance. Then, while I was in the kitchen, I decided that I would grind the coffee beans. And, decided to turn off the air conditioning and open windows. We will see how hot it gets in the house but it sure is nice to have fresh air circulating!

@faerywings I am so jealous of the fun time that you and Cait had with your friends. That sounds like a great evening all the way around...like you all just managed to slip right back into days gone by and soak it up! Best thing ever!

@BrightEyes so today is errand day, right? Off to pick up prescriptions. I can't imagine you every not feeling like scrapping. Your layouts are so beautiful and detailed. I hope that the sleeping is getting back to normal...whatever normal is.

@bcgal00 I am pretty excited to try the new camera! Probably won't be here until after my birthday but I always have my phone so having a camera that Is good that is always with me seems like a really big deal. Speaking of cameras...what do you think of your new lens?

@Cherylndesigns you know that I was ready to get some of that water at the Fountain of Youth and bottle it and then start an O'Road trip! But alas, I'm not sure it is working. And, yes, they charge for admission now but we enjoyed it for free in the month of September since we are residents of the county.

@scrap-genie glad you popped your head in so that we know that you are doing well!

Now, off to do some scrapping.


Morning, all. Had a lazy day yesterday... just what I needed. I did get the library books picked up but that was it for my out-and-about. Got home just before the rain came. Have had showers off and on since then. Ended up reading the afternoon/evening away. And I did have a good night's sleep. Debating if I want to go to the base... maybe raining again and don't like to have to deal with loading groceries in the rain.

@faerywings what a fun way to spend the evening... so glad you were with friends and looked at albums from earlier days!!! I think most young girls played 'bride' with veils, etc. Reminds me of a photo of my 2 oldest girls dressed as brides on their skateboards. Need to see if I still have that photo. Had to LOL over Cait getting into her PJs to relax and enjoy the evening with her BFF and you. Best way to unwind.

@LSlycord I heard about the hurricane in the Atlantic and hope it misses the US. Don't blame you for waiting to see if it is coming your way... you want to be there for your kids if it does. Glad you are getting the new cell-phone. I keep waffling on getting a new one. LOL... I am with Brian - have to have my coffee! The can is getting empty so need to pick another one ASAP. Thanks for the kind words about my scrapping - I do enjoy it.

@Cherylndesigns No, we don't have Johnson grass.... I know it is terrible and hard to get rid of. Most of the area is xeriscaped with little to no grass - lots of colored rocks with some shrubs and potted plants and trees.

Off to get another cup of coffee and get dressed.


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Good morning ladies. Today is chores, scrapping, drop off at Value Village and dog park. I got a call from the hospital and my scan is booked for next Thurs which would have been Bailey's birthday so I'm happy for the distraction. Jen and I will find it a hard day to get through.

@faerywings Sounds like a fun time last night. I just finished watching season 1 of Children Ruin Everything (S02 has just started).

@LSlycord Hope the hurricane doesn't hit. Sounds like the Canadian east coast is going to get hit hard.

Time to get more coffee, go feed the birds and do my stretches on the floor (which the dogs think is play time lol).


all i need is Oscraps, cOffee, chOcOlate & tOfu
Thanks for asking. We are ok. I'm just in a /#%/% mood. Nothing is fun & all I do is watching TV & knit. Started doing some scrap challenges at another store ... it sort of makes me feel like it's easier there. No one knows me & I feel more free to create somehow. However ... all my scrapping SUCK at the moment. If anyone has seen any mojo, send it my way.

Next week, I will be back at work. I think I'm not liking being home anymore. I need to get to go to work and meet people to find inspiration. Just sitting home SUCKS. Makes me go back to worrying and soul searching and wondering.

Now I've dampened the atmosphere enough and will crawl back under my rock.


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Good afternoon all.

Dogs are at the groomer so it's quiet around here - we had to go back to our previous groomer after the mobile groomer quit on us. She's about 25 minutes away and they'll be there all day. They always go together.

Chris, @faerywings sounds like you had a fun night. I love evenings like that - unplanned and super fun! That's so awesome that you have lifelong friends and especially neighbors (well, lifelong for the kids.) The computer is running good at the moment (fingers crossed), but yesterday was hit or miss. It was really acting up on me. Whatever it was, I hope it's gone. I had to keep shutting it down and letting it rest, then when I turned it back on, everything would be different. Surprise, surprise. UGH My grammar -spelling corrector is working today - I'd become so dependent on that and was lost w/o it.

Linda @LSlycord yes, there's a hurricane acomin'. Florida goes into overdrive when one's on the way. Rae @bcazzell looks like Canada is going to take a pretty good hit from the storm that's currently out there! Chuck tracks all of those storms and always has. This one (Tropical Depression 9) looks like SWFL is going to take the hit. That's where my youngest DD and youngest GS are. They're worried about it.

Kay @BrightEyes you're lucky you don't have that stupid Johnson grass. I LOVE the hardscaping that I've seen in NM and AZ and really wanted to do that in FL. It was going to be super expensive to do though and I never did. I even wanted a dry creek bed. It hasn't caught on down there yet and I'm really surprised with the heat. Who knew that rocks were so expensive? They probably aren't that expensive where you are - I mean there are no mountains in Florida. LOL

Have a good day all. Hugs


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I'm back. I wanted to tell you Linda @LSlycord that I decided to wear one of my Hurricane Irma T-shirts today to keep me aware of the new storm brewing. I have 3 different Irma shirts - that was the last Hurricane we went through down there.

I wish you could bottle some of that water up from the Fountain of Youth.