Daily Ooos: Friday May 26, 2023

Nonni F

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Hello beautiful souls!!! It's Friday!!
Not a whole lot to report from my corner. Just thankful it's finally the weekend.
What's everyone got planned?

Nonni F

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Sorry that first post was so short. Chris is much better at saying good morning and starting things off. This is one of probably five non stop days here at the town hall each year. Boats and campers need to be registered so folks can leave town and it's amazing how many people wait till the last minute.
It's a beautiful morning and looks like it's fixing to be a gorgeous weekend!! Working on finally getting a retaining wall done in the backyard, and more clean up in the front garden. After that, hoping for catio time with a good book. @faerywings suggested one to me a couple weeks ago that just came in the mail.
Monday, for me, is always a day of remembrance. If you have lost a loved one in service to our (or your country) my thoughts are with you.
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Good morning ladies. I was out with the naturalist club, on a bird census walk (checking windows at the university for evidence of birds flying against windows b/c of the reflection of trees). The club is working on getting the city to pay for more bird anti-reflection coverings for windows and is sending stats (and my photos) to the city as proof that more needs to be done. 3M company has created a film that is put over the windows that shows white polka dots to deter the birds from flying into it but you don't see that from inside the buildings. The university has some windows covered but obviously more need to be done. I had brought my small camera and took some bird and owl pics so this morning I am heading back there with my big camera to see if I can get some bird pics. Then I come home for a few hours before heading out for coffee with a ladies group (for ages 50+) at a local restaurant. I got invited to join the group by a few women I met yesterday at the census walk.

@Nonni F Enjoy your time on the patio with your book today.

I'm getting ready to head out for the morning. HAGD everyone.

Nonni F

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@bcgal00 what a great thing you're doing. Those coverings sound awesome. I may look into that for my bay window. Right now I just put stickers on it.
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Morning ladies... another sunny morning, but we sure could use some rain!! I had a great visit with my cousin Blair and sister Wendy yesterday afternoon! We laughed and chatted for a few hours out on the upper patio. I can't believe how fast the time went by. My cousin is quite the character and had us all giggling and reminiscing about our younger days. It was just lovely :lovey3: ! Poor DH was not able to join in on the fun, he was at the Dentist having a root canal done. Ughh!! He got home about a half an hour after everyone left. In the morning I did get out on the lake with Linda and it was very calm, we had a good paddle and chatted the whole time we were out there. Then I had a quick face time with Heather, all was good with her and her family. The boys are getting excited for the end of school and the flight out here to see Pops and GG. Not sure why they call me GG, unless they think that I am the Greatest Grandma :giggle4:. I guess its just easier to say than Grandma Trudy?? Anyway I have three layouts to get posted today. I suddenly got some mojo back over the past couple of days Hooray!!

@Nonni F - Thanks for starting the thread this morning! I actually slept in until 7:30 this morning yay for me!! Hope that you get the retaining wall completed without incident! Have fun puttering around in your garden! I love your idea of dinner LOL some nights that's all I really want to have is a couple glasses of wine for supper! oh and maybe some:ilovechocolate:.

@bcgal00 - What a wonderful project you are working on! I love that idea of the window coverings! I look forward to seeing your photos of the birds today too! Sounds like you are making so many great friends on your walks and now a coffee group too! That is so nice! Enjoy!!

Ok I should get my bed made and get into the shower:showering: before Heather calls this morning. I hope you all have a fabulous :friday:!


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Good morning, lovelies,

Sounds like everybody has plans for the day. Nonni @Nonni F Love your big meme and I'm right there with you and Trudy @taxed4ever - love a couple of glasses of wine myself. Trudy @taxed4ever you mentioned:ilovechocolate: chocolate - I had almost quit eating it and DH found some really good, dark chocolate "nuggets" that don't bother my stomach. I'm SO happy that I can eat a bit of chocolate again. Believe it or not, they're made by Hershey, and they're wrapped in gold foil.

Nonni @Nonni F how big is your catio? When we adopted our cat from the Humane Society, they had one and I'd never heard that term before. Our cat is an inside/outside cat, so I don't need one, but our previous cats had all been inside cats. When we moved to Florida, we had a caged pool that was attached to our lanai and our "inside cat" absolutely loved being out there.

Rae @bcgal00 what you're doing for the birds is so cool. You're always doing the neatest things - hope you get some great owl pics with your big camera lens.

I have no real plans today. Like Trudy, I have several layouts to post - all for the May Color Play which was revealed last night, so I have a lot of work to do for that. I'm going to get outside today and work in my gardens awhile, too. I want to make sure all of my plant babies are doing well. I've transplanted a few things and am keeping an eye on them.

Happy :friday: and waving to everybody - XOXO