viva artistry

  1. Vrolijk pasen!

    Vrolijk pasen!

    My Dutch Easter wish with the cute rabbits from Spring Shenanigans
  2. Love Smiles

    Love Smiles

    Challenge #6, Quote, March 2021
  3. Daffodils


    Done for the March 2021 White Space Challenge at Just Art Scrapbook
  4. it's all about Colour.

    it's all about Colour.

  5. It's all about Fashion

    It's all about Fashion

  6. Every Bunny

    Every Bunny

  7. History Lesson - CNY-OX

    History Lesson - CNY-OX

    I got the information for the journaling from inews.co.uk
  8. Dream


    Done with ViVa's 5th Friday items for January.
  9. Dream, Love

    Dream, Love

    I did this for the white space challenge for February at Just Art Scrapbooking.
  10. ViVa-Namaste.jpg


    Viva Artistry Namaste elements and papers