1. Memories


    Shadows Of The Past Collection by Daydream Designs
  2. Mama's Little Demons

    Mama's Little Demons

    My twin brothers are only 10 months younger than me and I am sure Mama had her hands full at times with us. We look so cute in our little outfits Mama sewed for us and a little scary too since I played with our eyes just a little bit
  3. AnnaLift: Early Selfie

    AnnaLift: Early Selfie

    Because I have very few old family photos, for this lift I used an intriguing photo I found online. Looks like the urge to preserve our self images is strong in the human race. Used APP Fare, which is one of my favs for heritage designs. Thanks for looking.
  4. Paradise is Peacocks

    Paradise is Peacocks

    This is a design I did using lynne anzelc "less is more" kit. You can find it under Lynne Anzelc.
  5. Resting birds

    Resting birds

    This is a design i did using Lynne Anzelcs "less is more" kit. I love the vintage vibe of this kit. you can find this kit at Oscraps under Lynne Anzelc designs.
  6. Beautiful Moments

    Beautiful Moments

    September 2023 Challenge #2 - Heritage with photo of my in-laws on brother-in-law's wedding day.
  7. Me


    A photo my best friend took when we were a lot younger! ;-)
  8. Yarmouth


    A lovely old pic of my mother on holiday
  9. Love


    My grandparents :-)
  10. Sweet Easter

    Sweet Easter

    I used the amazing Vintage Easter Village Collection by Karen Schulz Designs Photo comes from Unsplash
  11. Brown_Girl_in_the_Ring_small.jpg


    For the Poems and Lyrics Challenge in March 2023. Brown is still a colour. I did not want to just add a generic photo of Boney M, so I used a Family Photo from my husbands family. This was taken around 1988. But they look as if they came out of 1888!! One of these young men is my husband and...
  12. Now we know too much

    Now we know too much

    Thinking about how much simpler life was when we had fewer choices and without the constant bombarding with information and news!
  13. Brothers Make the Best Friends

    Brothers Make the Best Friends

    Here is another layout created using Karen's My Story Collection. Although clean and simple isn't really my style, this kit and the stories my pages tell have encouraged me to go easy on embellishments and let the photos - and the stories - shine. Thank you for looking. This is the companion...
  14. Little White School House

    Little White School House

    Vintage School Collection| Karen Schulz Designs
  15. Graduation Day

    Graduation Day

    Lots of layers above and below the stacked photos with a frame layered over the photos. A paper was clipped to a brush file and some burgundy stamps were placed on either side to help balance out the colors.
  16. Through The Years

    Through The Years

    This is K - 5th grade for me.
  17. ALL OF ME


  18. In from the Garden for a Quick Portrait

    In from the Garden for a Quick Portrait

    Made using foxeysquirrel’s Lady Garden, Messy Bloom, Imperfect Background, Misty Dreams, and Bridal Overlay kits.
  19. Floral Portrait

    Floral Portrait

    Made using foxeysquirrel’s Lady Garden and Messy Bloom kits.


    DAY 9 - ART DOLL DRESS UP | CHALLENGE I loved the paper dolls & now love dressing up dolls digitally. Since it’s for a holiday I love I wanted to be extravagant & fun.