vicki stegall

  1. hello fall

    hello fall

    for Vicki Stegall Designs (Momma O's) September challenge I used her 52 Inspirations 2021 No 30 Layered Template and WonderFall Bundle Photo: Pixabay
  2. Keister


    I had fun doing a 26-day, alphabet sketching challenge. My "K" was "keister. :)
  3. Celebrating Friends

    Celebrating Friends

    Done for the September 52 Inspirations Challenge #5 I used 2 papers, layering the white one on top and blending it with a soft overlay mode and then duplicating it twice to tone down the busy background.
  4. free spirit

    free spirit

    "WILD AND FREE" Collection by Vicki Stegall designs Photo: Pixabay
  5. she was a wild one

    she was a wild one

    "WILD AND FREE" Collection and 52 Inspirations 2015 - Week 9 (lady) all by Vicki Stegall designs
  6. Spring Invitation

    Spring Invitation

    I went with the theme of spring & feelings of joy. I really enjoyed just letting go. The nymph who starts the spring party is in the envelope & in the mail & is just a short while away. I used many colours & flowers which I think represents spring. Colours bring me joy & there are a...
  7. Bootiful


    I'm not really a Halloween person, but I did find this information interesting, since today is August 17th, 2021. Journaling reads: Cat Nights begin on August 17. This term harks back to the days when people believed in witches. A rather obscure old Irish legend said that a witch could turn...
  8. Hope


  9. Centaurs-in-Love-VickiStegall-Challenge-August-600-WEB.gif


    Theme: Romance, Magic, Fantasy Created the centaurs with DAZ 3D Vicki Stegall: Wonderfall, READ, CU Birds, Purple Haze, Use It All, Paper
  10. August - Page Sketch Challenge

    August - Page Sketch Challenge

    Done for the August Page Sketch Challenge
  11. Journaling & greeting card projects

    Journaling & greeting card projects

    I used Vicki's Fab Friday products to make a greeting card, journal card w/envelope and I printed & cut out all her word snippets and tucked them in a little pouch to add to my journal, to use throughout.
  12. I want to ride my bicycle

    I want to ride my bicycle

    Made for the Vicki Stegall designer challenge about change. Last year I bought a race cycle a long lost love of mine I made the photo of the wheel for this challenge. I made a selection with the oval marquee tool and made a layer mask. I applied a threshold layer on it and set it on multiply The...
  13. Shabby Pink

    Shabby Pink

    Lots of fun & love the colour pink. I don’t know why but I feel fabric from Vicki Stegall’s designs. I couldn’t help myself & there is a nod to that.
  14. July Challenge 3

    July Challenge 3

    52 Inspirations 2015 Number 5: 52 Inspirations 2016 by Vicki Stegall (oscraps.com) 52 Inspirations 2016 number 11: 52 Inspirations 2016 by Vicki Stegall (oscraps.com) 52 Inspirations 2015 Week 1: 52 Inspirations 2015 Week 1 by Vicki Stegall (oscraps.com)
  15. Date Night

    Date Night

    1st Date Night in a long, long time! I used some papers from Magic in the Mess & the 52 Inspirations 2018 no 4 to grunge up my layout - layered them on top of everything under the photo & played with blending modes. And rotated papers to angle them better with template layout.
  16. love everything about this

    love everything about this

  17. Mom's Apple Cake Recipe

    Mom's Apple Cake Recipe

    I love when I come across treasures from Mom, like her Apple Cake Recipe, in her own writing, on an original & well-worn paper. I miss her so! Use It All - July Challenge #4 Mini created by Ona, using Vicki Stegall Design https://oscraps.com/community/threads/july-challenge-4-use-it-all.33883/
  18. Folio ~ booklet & tags

    Folio ~ booklet & tags

    Small Folio
  19. The-Wolf-Pack-52-Inspirations--JULY-CHALLENGE--3


    The wolf photo is of a beta wolf at a wolf reserve in Texas and then used 3 52 Inspirations for the majority of the picture.
  20. On the Special Day

    On the Special Day

    Created for July 2021 Use It All Challenge.