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  1. Words salad !

    Words salad !

    Using : "Time to Fly" by Vicki Robinson and " Challenge Journal prompts" offered by Vicki Robinson to realize her challenge. Funny challenge !
  2. Word salad

    Word salad

    For 2023-02 Vicki Robinson February Challenge I used February 2023 Challenge Journal Prompts and "Time To Fly" all by Vicki Robinson Designs
  3. You have wings

    You have wings

    "Time To Fly" by Vicki Robinson Designs Photo: Pixabay
  4. oscraps 2023 02 vr.jpg

    oscraps 2023 02 vr.jpg

    Time to Fly and Artful Memories
  5. I Decided

    I Decided

    For my February 2023 Challenge.
  6. oscrap-2023-01-vr.jpg


    Junque Journal 2, Time to Fly and various freebies
  7. Transcend 2

    Transcend 2

    This art journal page is not difficult, but does take some time. I began with the whitest of the traveler's notebook style journal papers from Junque Journal 02, rasterized the paper, then used the magic wand tool to select just the white "pages", copied and pasted them in place. Next I...
  8. It is Time

    It is Time

    The time is rapidly approaching when one or both of my boys will be launching into the great adventure of life as an adult, a time of both great joy and profound sadness. A new adventure for me, too, as I will be going to live with my 87 year-old father who I will have all to myself for awhile...
  9. Fly-Butterfly-March-challenge


    I love writing fantasy, starting new adventures--every day is truly a new adventure.
  10. you have wings

    you have wings

    June Challenge #2 - Artsy/MixedMedia
  11. Believe It!

    Believe It!

    I saw this quote on Facebook. "ou're only as pretty as you treat people." — How true! Font is Gigi regular
  12. VRobinson Oct2020Chal

    VRobinson Oct2020Chal

    Vicki Robinson October Challenge Folded papers: https://www.oscraps.com/shop/folded-papers-by-vicki-robinson-designs.html Thankful: https://www.oscraps.com/shop/Thankful-by-Vicki-Robinson-Designs.html
  13. Reach for the Sky

    Reach for the Sky

    I took this picture last week when we were having beautiful, sunny days! The sky was so pretty and clear I wanted to reach up and touch it!
  14. you're beautiful

    you're beautiful

    October 2020 - Vicki Robinson Designs Challenge - an uplifting message fonts -- Efficient, Ink Free
  15. Gonna Fly - Designer Challenge 10-20

    Gonna Fly - Designer Challenge 10-20

    My hope is not in anything this world has to offer! Gonna Fly When I hear that last trumpet sound My feet won't stay on the ground I'm gonna rise with a shout, gonna fly I'm gonna rise with my Lord in the sky Heaven is near and I can't stay here Goodbye world, goodbye Font is Arial


    For a challenge at Oscraps.
  17. #second-chance


    Made with Vicki Robinson's Time To Fly kit.
  18. it's your life

    it's your life

    Time To Fly by Vicki Robinson Designs photo: Pixabay / Free-Photos
  19. Touch the Sky

    Touch the Sky

    Time to Fly by Vicki Robinson Designs
  20. Yes


    Time to Fly by Vicki Robinson Designs