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  1. Hopeful


  2. Hugs-and-kisses.jpg


    Created with PS I Love You kit by Vicki Robinson Designs.
  3. Vicki Robinson February Challenge

    Vicki Robinson February Challenge

  4. VR-2022-02-Challenge.jpg


  5. Lloyd 01

    Lloyd 01

    You really CAN do heritage with an art journal-y style kit. It just takes a little testing and tweaking! Emma Todd was my 1st cousin twice removed – her mother and my great grandfather were siblings. Except for the background which consists of paper 19 blended over paper 9, this LO is very...
  6. IE : Personal : Hopeful

    IE : Personal : Hopeful

    Created this layout for Vicki Robinson Designs : February 2022 Challenge : I Used her featured collection : P.S. I Love You and her prompts for this challenge...It drew a lot of personal emotions out of me and seeing some of the other more personal pages...I guess I went there...I've been going...
  7. The power of love

    The power of love

  8. Missing


    Created for Vicki Robinson's monthly challenge. Where did this woman go? I lost her in some dark, dim, protected corner of my heart and can’t find my way back. She’s been there too long and needs to come home. Full of life, laughter, fun, joy, and love, I know she’s there and I want to be that...
  9. PS I love you

    PS I love you

    How could I not! That little face gets me all the time :)
  10. Accept-Follow Your Heart

    Accept-Follow Your Heart

    Created for Vicki's monthly challenge! https://oscraps.com/community/threads/vicki-robinson-designs-feb-2022-challenge-—-ends-2-28.34869/
  11. BE Accept My Life

    BE Accept My Life

  12. XOXO


    Created using PS I love You Collection and Bonus Template by Vicki Robinson
  13. Hopeful


    Created for the Vicki Robinson Feb 2022 Designer Challenge
  14. ATC-Feb 2022

    ATC-Feb 2022

  15. We were meant to be

    We were meant to be

    credits: vicki robinson ps i love you


    credits: vicki robinson ps i love you http://www.oscraps.com/shop/digital-scrapbooking-collection-ps-i-love-you-vicki-robinson.html
  17. Hugs & Kisses

    Hugs & Kisses

    Featured kit for February
  18. Hopeful


    The photo is pretty bad, taken through a window, but I thought that it still deserved to be scrapped, since it's telling a cute story
  19. kiss me

    kiss me

    February Featured Collection PS I Love You Collection 55% off — Packs 30% off
  20. be still my heart

    be still my heart

    February Featured Collection PS I Love You Collection 55% off — Packs 30% off