vicki robinson family stories

  1. These Knees

    These Knees

    Background: paper 07 in Multiply mode over paper 12 in Linear Burn mode over paper 18. I used two of the collection's photo clusters and tucked various elements and paint over and under.
  2. The Catton Sisters

    The Catton Sisters

    These 3 women are related by marriage. Alice (bottom) married my 2X great granduncle George Eyre. Her sister Mary (middle married Charles Cooling Sr. and their son Charles Junior married my 1st cousin twice removed Florence Mary Todd. I haven't figured out Anne yet, but know she is their...
  3. this photo

    this photo

    2023-09 Vicki Robinson September Challenge
  4. 23-09_vrd-september-challenge


    Vicki Robinson September Challenge https://oscraps.com/community/threads/2023-09-vicki-robinson-september-challenge.38277/#post-675523
  5. My Ring

    My Ring

    Created for Vicki's September challenge. TFL
  6. Family.jpg


  7. We Are Family

    We Are Family

    Done for the September Designer Challenge by Vicki Robinson found here: https://oscraps.com/community/threads/2023-09-vicki-robinson-september-challenge.38277/ Left side of journal reads: Some of my most precious possessions are not materialistic in nature but are related to family; time...
  8. This Thing

    This Thing

    My recent purchase of a vintage manual typewriter quite unexpectedly brought back a flood of memories, so I used that as an opportunity to continue my recent trend of scrapping about myself. The journaling reads: "I'm so, SOOOOO giddy over my newest indulgence! For the longest time, I've wanted...
  9. Documented


  10. Charley & Steph 2005

    Charley & Steph 2005

    A favorite photo of mine. Our 2 babies as young adults. This photo brings back that happy day. This lo was for the Vicki Robinson Get Creative Challenge for November. Recreating an old layout. Which I had fun doing. Great idea for a challenge!
  11. Reesa Dance silhotthe

    Reesa Dance silhotthe

  12. Happy Day Lucille 2021.jpg

    Happy Day Lucille 2021.jpg

  13. 22-03_O_March-2022-Challenge-#4---Color-Play


    March 2022 Challenge #4 - Color Play https://oscraps.com/community/threads/march-2022-challenge-4-color-play.35039/
  14. We Are Family

    We Are Family

    I want to make sure I won't forget the day it all started
  15. Mom


  16. Class of '89

    Class of '89

    For me, this is a very simple page but I am really happy with it. The paper block on which the "'89" sits is supposed to resemble the name cards that we purchased with our high school graduation announcements. You ordered enough to include in the announcement, because at my school they were all...
  17. BE Family Stories

    BE Family Stories

  18. Family Stories

    Family Stories

    October Fab Friday Color Play Journaling reads: William and Elizabeth Todd, my maternal great grandparents from the early 1900's. They were from Mississippi where my mom was born. I never met them. I believe William died just after mom was born. I do not know when Elizabeth died. And I'm...
  19. this is the beginning of our story

    this is the beginning of our story

  20. this is us

    this is us