vicki robinson family stories

  1. Happy Day Lucille 2021.jpg

    Happy Day Lucille 2021.jpg

  2. 22-03_O_March-2022-Challenge-#4---Color-Play


    March 2022 Challenge #4 - Color Play https://oscraps.com/community/threads/march-2022-challenge-4-color-play.35039/
  3. We Are Family

    We Are Family

    I want to make sure I won't forget the day it all started
  4. Mom


  5. Class of '89

    Class of '89

    For me, this is a very simple page but I am really happy with it. The paper block on which the "'89" sits is supposed to resemble the name cards that we purchased with our high school graduation announcements. You ordered enough to include in the announcement, because at my school they were all...
  6. BE Family Stories

    BE Family Stories

  7. Family Stories

    Family Stories

    October Fab Friday Color Play Journaling reads: William and Elizabeth Todd, my maternal great grandparents from the early 1900's. They were from Mississippi where my mom was born. I never met them. I believe William died just after mom was born. I do not know when Elizabeth died. And I'm...
  8. this is the beginning of our story

    this is the beginning of our story

  9. this is us

    this is us

  10. so many stories to tell

    so many stories to tell

  11. This is us

    This is us

    This kit was great for layering and all that pretty brushwork made for great interest behind.
  12. Amy's family

    Amy's family

  13. We are Family

    We are Family

  14. Family Fun 2021.jpg

    Family Fun 2021.jpg

  15. Lucille & L Charley 2021.jpg

    Lucille & L Charley 2021.jpg

    In this picture Lucille is saying "cheese."
  16. Reesa's Birthday 2013-2021.jpg

    Reesa's Birthday 2013-2021.jpg

    Reesa's Birthday Party was at the same place she had it when she turned 3. We thought it would be fun to take pictures in the same place we did back then.
  17. Welcome to the Family

    Welcome to the Family

    My son and daughter-in-law, welcoming our tiny Miss Ella in 2018.
  18. Family