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  1. Pocklington's Mill Full

    Pocklington's Mill Full

    See individual pages for details
  2. Pocklington's Mill Right

    Pocklington's Mill Right

    This is more the art journal side of this two-pager.
  3. Pocklington's Mill Left

    Pocklington's Mill Left

    This charming 20th century painting by Doris Zinkeisen represents Heckington Mill as it is today. In 1890, the cap was blown off and the mill severely damaged in a storm. Originally it had five sails, not the eight here. A cap was purchased from a similar mill scheduled for demolition and...
  4. Eubanks


    There are no special techniques here, just clip the photos and fill in the paint and overlays behind, then add the journaling and title.
  5. Memories.jpg


  6. Sunday


  7. today


  8. Living the Good Life

    Living the Good Life

  9. Always Forever

    Always Forever

  10. Artful Memories - Today

    Artful Memories - Today

  11. At the chateau

    At the chateau

  12. Artful Memories Today

    Artful Memories Today

    Artful Memories Today Mega Deal by Vicki Robinson is new in the Oscraps store. This is my daughter and her Doodles.
  13. Today


  14. Everyday


  15. Birthday


    I can never resist the appeal of a notebook format... thanks for looking.
  16. Everyday Love

    Everyday Love

    Journaling reads: It has been a busy week. Besides the normal, daily activities, we had doctor appointments added to the schedules. On Monday, one of our friends is now home - bound, so Ilene and I visited her for a couple of hours on Monday. My doctor appointment for later in the day had...
  17. Today


    Journaling reads: It was such a beautiful day so we rode the bike to Digestive Health in Kernersville for a consultation with the doctor. After it was determined Mark would need to have a colonoscopy and endoscopy, we made the necessary appointment and then stopped for a late lunch at Cracker...
  18. When She Was Young...

    When She Was Young...

    I found this picture of my Gramma, and it opened up some healing for me. Journaling: I always had a up and down relationship with my Grandma. I was never really sure where I stood with her at times. After she passed, my Dad told me some stories of her growing up years, and tragedies in her...
  19. Artful Memories

    Artful Memories

    Made with the beautiful Artful Memories Today Mega Deal LIMITED TIME OFFER Photo is mine
  20. Small Victories

    Small Victories

    Lots of things happening in my life have convinced me that not all personal victories are the kind that others would appreciate — but that doesn't mean they are any less valid. My journaling reads: "This month marks the two-year anniversary of Mr. Me’s first back surgery. It was followed, in...