vicki robinson artful expressions 01

  1. Clown


  2. Whispering


    Created with Caro's gift in the last Vicki Robinson's NL, using "Artful Expression 01". Image Pixabay.
  3. Whispering.jpg


    Created with Artful Expressions 01 Collection by Vicky Robinson Designs.
  4. Evolution of a Birder

    Evolution of a Birder

    This is a fun story as it has very clear steps along the way to becoming an avid birder.
  5. Nana's Rain Boots 2013

    Nana's Rain Boots 2013

    First Reesa gave these beautiful boots to me for Mother's day. I left her for a few minutes when I came back out she had taken off her little water shoes and was prancing around in my boots. To funny and adorable and that face and attitude when I caught her was precious!
  6. found


  7. The dream holds a big place in my life.

    The dream holds a big place in my life.

    Created with "Artful Expression 01" and some items of the "Artful Expression 02" by Vicki Robinson Picture Pixabay. Personal journaling.
  8. June 2023 Challenge - Story

    June 2023 Challenge - Story

  9. The Story

    The Story

    Created for Vicki Robinson's June Challenge! Artful Expressions 01 is such a beautiful kit!
  10. Getting Around

    Getting Around

    There are so many artsy thing included and yet so many soft and beautiful elements. Great variation!!
  11. Every Page Tells a Story

    Every Page Tells a Story

    As I look back over my digital art journal pages from the last several months, I realize that they all have stories to tell. Really interesting to look back at them now. My journaling reads: "Art journaling has become a regular practice. For me, it is a time when I shut out the rest of the...
  12. All-at-once.jpg


    Created with Artful Expressions 01 kit by Vicki Robinson Designs.
  13. Story Life in confusion

    Story Life in confusion

    Created for Vicki Robinson's challenge. Photos and color of a lifetime. A very difficult performance for me because I have no family photos and the color of my life has been grey-blues. Using the collection "Artful Expression" Vol 2 - 4 - 6 by Vicki
  14. Use what you have

    Use what you have

    Vicki Robinson Challenge - April 2023 - "Use the same photo 3 times and play with filters". Page created with "Postage Stamps Frames" courtesy of Vicki and using only: "Artful Expression 04" by Vicki Robinson. Picture by Jill Wellington/ (1950s) Pixabay
  15. Modern Spring

    Modern Spring

    Using : "Secret Garden" & "Ripped strips" & "Modern Canvas" & "Modern Splatter 4" by Foxeysquirrel - =AZWBIuTUwOi__DChZoDqmpvb54pliA164J_PZd_91BNzxRA0fxkLicz5y7UipK7bJSHQEQVVTYqscmw_wxNaG2yBE6QXEOmPlq_L6YNraBcJYg&__tn__=-]K-R']Teddi Rutschman and "Artful Express V2 +V6" by...
  16. 4 februari

    4 februari

  17. word-salad


    For the February challenge hosted by Vicki Robinson; https://oscraps.com/community/threads/2023-02-vicki-robinson-february-challenge.37073/
  18. Wonder


  19. January


    Realized with "Arful Expression" - collection and "Little Things" collection by Vicki Robison Picture MML
  20. I prefer to laugh

    I prefer to laugh

    Realized for the Vicki Robinson's challenge in december. I choose the word "laugh" to start. Using : "Artful Expression 1" & "Art Journal" by Vicki I would like the little children of today to be able to grow up in peace and coherence.