1. Snagged and Snarky

    Snagged and Snarky

    Made using foxeysquirrel’s background-builder-vol1, and expression-vol1.
  2. Come Swim in the Feather Forest

    Come Swim in the Feather Forest

    Made using foxeysquirrel’s Ann’s Misty Dreams kit.
  3. Al Lorenz Park

    Al Lorenz Park

  4. Owl Always Love you

    Owl Always Love you

  5. Skatbon?


  6. Green Day.jpg

    Green Day.jpg

    One of my absolute favorite bands live. We bought tickets for the Hella Mega Tour 2 years ago but was postponed last year. They perform tomorrow and unsure if we will make it due to the increase in covid cases and my daughters health. I’ve been playing their music all day and had to make a...
  7. AnnaColor -Benson Sculpture Garden

    AnnaColor -Benson Sculpture Garden

    I liked being able to see my lifestyle choices make measurable changes to my heart health, so I learned all I could about HRV. I saw good numbers after biofeedback sessions, and worse ones under stress. I tried experiments like skipping coffee, and made myself stay in bed longer.
  8. Heaven on Earth

    Heaven on Earth

    A picture of my DH. Text reads: "enjoying the beauty of nature and the perfect day at the Santa Barbara Botanical Gardens. October, 2007" All papers and elements from Ashalee Wall's Recycle kit available at oscraps and AshaleeAndSweet. Black frame is from Jen Wilson. Font is Zebra...
  9. Trees


    font Tunga Papers and elements from Baby Cakes by Lisa Majewski