tips & tricks challenge

  1. Summer 1968

    Summer 1968

    The photo was taken by my mother. Journaling: Our cat, Cocoa, had kittens that my brother and I were trying to give away with a little help from our sister.
  2. You Color My World

    You Color My World

  3. Tips and Tricks Challege

    Tips and Tricks Challege

    Thank you for the free blended paper and the tutorial. I added a red colour to the B.G. paper I then added the blend mode Saturation.I duplicated the photo and masked it then I put a colour on then a blend mode soft light ...I added another paper from Karens free gift added the colour blue...
  4. 2022-02-Feb-KS-Blend.jpg


    Beautiful double rainbow from my backyard.
  5. Home Sweet Home

    Home Sweet Home

    Made for Karen Schulz's February Challenge here: https://oscraps.com/community/threads/tips-tricks-challenge-with-karen-schulz-february-2022.34848/
  6. Karen-Schulz- Possibilities, Tips and Tricks Blend Modes

    Karen-Schulz- Possibilities, Tips and Tricks Blend Modes

    I learned how to do blend modes a while ago, but I love refresher tuts because it reminds me to try different blends for things I might not try. I did the heart in overlay mode for the final choice, though at first, I liked Vivid, but it fits better with overlay. I wouldn't have thought so...
  7. Squirrel


    Tips & Tricks Challenge with Karen Schulz, February 2022 at Oscraps— https://oscraps.com/community/threads/tips-tricks-challenge-with-karen-schulz-february-2022.34848 Unfortunately, I made a big mistake and flattened the PSD file and saved it when I should not have. I can tell you the basic...
  8. 2021-01-KS-Dodge-Burn.jpg


    Created using Karen Schulz Designs Love My Cat Bundle, Before & After Template along with Karen's tutorial - altered the moon using the dodge and burn tools. Font is Catshop Regular.
  9. tips & tricks challenge.jpg

    tips & tricks challenge.jpg

  10. Baby on the Moon Dodge--and-Burn-Karen Schulz Challenge

    Baby on the Moon Dodge--and-Burn-Karen Schulz Challenge

    I played with dodge and burn with Karen's tutorial and also with trying gradients, something I haven't been very good at!
  11. Tips & Tricks Challenge

    Tips & Tricks Challenge

  12. 2022-01-Tips-Tricks-Template.jpg


    Moon by Karen Schultz A perfect day by Vicki Robinson designs font: chalkduster regular