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    Mediterranka Designs November special offer - Accents (Bundle 10 in 1) Everyday stories (Photo templates) Our monthly appointment to go for a walk took place this time in the woods of the Pijnven. Lovely to walk among the leaves, it was a very warm day of 24° before the end of October pictures...
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    Yesterday we heard of the sudden loss of our colleague. He was 30 years old and took his own life. What strikes me most is that people see no way out but to take their own life. these photos were taken 5 years ago at another colleague's retirement party I used the Messy Pockets No1 Digital...
  3. On the road again

    On the road again

    On the road again (Full kit) On the road again (Layered templates) By Mediterranka design Pictures from personal collection thanks for looking
  4. Pizza lover

    Pizza lover

    pizza in Moscow December 2019