#sweet doll designs

  1. Sweet Dreams

    Sweet Dreams

    Twinkle Dreams kit by Sweet Doll
  2. Journey - ATC 2 - 100 Day Project

    Journey - ATC 2 - 100 Day Project

    Created for Day 2 of the 100 Day Project
  3. Joyful


  4. Life's Journey

    Life's Journey

    Bloom Street kit by Sweet Doll
  5. Renew ATC

    Renew ATC

    Created for the February Color Play Challenge
  6. Together is the Best

    Together is the Best

    Created for the February White Space Challenge
  7. love makes a family

    love makes a family

    For the Sweet Doll February 2024 Challenge Forever Yours: Family Embellishments by Sweet Doll Happy Heart templates by Jimbo Jambo Designs Mixed Media Backgrounds 3 by Wendy Page Designs Picture by me thanks for looking
  8. Perfect Day With My Love

    Perfect Day With My Love

    For Ever and Ever Collection by Sweet Doll
  9. forever-yours-family


    Mixed Media Backgrounds 3 by Wendy Page Designs Forever Yours: Family kit by Sweet Doll Forever Yours: Family {+ephemera} by Sweet Doll My hubby and his beloved mother thanks for looking
  10. Love You

    Love You

  11. TV Moments of 2023

    TV Moments of 2023

  12. Hopes for The New Year

    Hopes for The New Year

    My husband and I had some photos taken to celebrate my last chemo treatment on January 3, 2024! We thank the Lord this part of our journey is over! Just Keep Going Collection by Sweet Doll
  13. Coffee-and-Milk


    I Heart You by Sweet Doll Make Today Count by Sweet Doll Baked with Love by Sweet Doll Season of Wonders Embellishments by Sweet Doll Vintage Album Collection: Bon Appétit Kit by Joanne Brisebois But First .. Coffee! - Wordart by Laitha Art Studio
  14. Sweetest-Little Cook

    Sweetest-Little Cook

    Gratefall Templates by Sweet Doll Baked with Loveby-Sweet-Doll Made With Love by Natali Designs Cooked with Love Wordarts by Simplette
  15. Hello Sunshine

    Hello Sunshine

    I made this with freebies from the shop for the Freebie Challenge. Digital Scrapbooking FREEBIE Blossom 2nd Chances by Vicki Stegall Designs I'm a Wildflower Template by Sweet Doll Gelato, Please Add on by Sweet Doll Nature Hike II Gift by Karen Schulz 52 Inspirations 2021 Bonus No 01 New...
  16. The magic is you

    The magic is you

    Created with : "Magic is You"- Color Play 2023 - by Sweet Doll and "Watercolor brush" & "Darby" by Foxeysquirrel Picture ST Etsy
  17. Travel Memories 2023

    Travel Memories 2023

  18. Wonders of Winter

    Wonders of Winter

    Time to Hygge Collection by Sweet Doll | Oscraps
  19. Welcome-Winter


    Let it Snow kit by Sweet Doll Template: Gratefall Templates by Sweet Doll
  20. Thankful For This Time

    Thankful For This Time

    Grateful by Sweet Doll Designs This was such a wonderful vacation that we were able to take with friends before I started chemo. The weather was absolutely beautiful and the leaves were changing colors! We were able to go on a train ride, visit a museum and an old fort. We also went to Pigeon...