1. Comfort and Joy

    Comfort and Joy

    Made using foxeysquirrel’s One-Zee 18 minikit.
  2. Laughter


  3. Christmas Wish

    Christmas Wish

  4. Merry and Bright

    Merry and Bright

    Made using foxeysquirrel’s One Zee 16, Special Effects and Thingamajig Vol 4 kits.
  5. my reality

    my reality

    created with Alice's Flowers by Fiddlette Designs. https://www.oscraps.com/shop/Alice-s-Flowers-by-Fiddlette-Designs.html
  6. Light up my life

    Light up my life

  7. A Christmas Fish

    A Christmas Fish

    Made using foxeysquirrel’s Mackendra kit.
  8. March 2022 Challenge #2 - One Word

    March 2022 Challenge #2 - One Word

    Viva Artistry Moonglow kit Simply All in One by Natali Designs Image from Freepicks altered by me
  9. You are a star

    You are a star

    March Challenge #2 One word https://oscraps.com/community/threads/march-2022-challenge-2-one-word.35057/
  10. Winter Fun

    Winter Fun

    Kit "Christmas Stars & Wishes" From NLD Designs Photo by JillWellington at Pixabay.com Thanks for looking :)
  11. Ho-Ho-Ho


    Kit "Down The Chimney" From NLD Designs Photo by Holly Spring Photography Thanks for looking :)
  12. Leave sparkles wherever you go

    Leave sparkles wherever you go

    Kit "Joyful Christmas" From NLD Designs Photo by Holly Spring Photography Thanks for looking :)
  13. sweet delight

    sweet delight

    created with She Smelled of Nightshade by Crafty Button Design. https://www.oscraps.com/shop/She-Smelled-Of-Nightshade-Mega-Kit.html
  14. rockin_ryansm


    Ryan Started guitar lessons this year. It has been exciting to see him progress. Credit: Angel Zimmer - Party like a Rock star & Up and Away kit at Digitals
  15. Happy Not Your Birthday

    Happy Not Your Birthday

    LOL Keean hates cake and most sweet things that aren't fruit.. now here's the proof that its nature verses nurture because Piper on the other hand would lick gum on the sidewalk if you let her LOL I know gross! LOL but she has no boundaries when it comes to sweets :) Keean handed her his...
  16. Best Seat

    Best Seat

    I love the look on her face up there LOL Products- Paislee Press Happy as a lark album- oscraps.com (SAVED me!!! thank you!!!)
  17. Inner Jedi

    Inner Jedi

    I love how he is leaping right into the air in this picture.. he was SOOOO into this! He was positive that this was a "real" training camp and had to buy the t-shirt after so everyone would know he was a trained jedi lol so cute! Products- Paislee Press Happy as a lark album pages...
  18. Dreams


    This is soooooo Keean's dream come true! I was so so sooooo happy that he was chosen for Jedi training and even happier because it was his birthday :) I also LOOOOOVE the Happy as a Lark album and I really hope that Liz doesn't mind my "disney" spin on them :) I was terribly stuck...
  19. family movie

    family movie

    I've been meaning to create a layout about the work my great grandfather, Lawrence E. Watkin, did for Disney and this movie is one of my favorites that I remember watching as a kid. template, LaunchPads Horizontals 3 by Bree Clarkson (SweetShoppeDesigns) Baked Cinnamon Paper Pack, Ole Black...
  20. She's a Star

    She's a Star

    :: Credits :: Paint the Moon (Annie Manning) - Altered Art Freebie Vicki Stegall - MidSummer Night's Dream Alpha Paint the Moon/Jofia Devoe - Stroke of Midnight Collab