1. Simplette_LittleTouch.jpg


    *NEW* Little Touch (MEGA collection with FREE pack OFFERED) by Simplette LINK
  2. Simplette_HorsSaison.jpg


    -*NEW* -"Hors Saison (collection)" by Simplette
  3. Simplette_BetweenUs.jpg


    -*NEW* -"Between Us (collection)"by Simplette
  4. Edison, Mommy & Daddy

    Edison, Mommy & Daddy

    My adorable prince is going to be 2 years old next month. Where has the 2 years gone? He's 18 months in this photo.
  5. Simplette_PoesiaDelTempo.jpg


    *NEW* -"Poesia del tempo (collection) by Simplette link
  6. Let's Enjoy Time Together

    Let's Enjoy Time Together

    Done for a challenge at Just Art
  7. Hope


    Done for a challenge at Just Art Scrapbooking
  8. Birding-Walk and Nature Center in South Padre Island

    Birding-Walk and Nature Center in South Padre Island

    I've never been on a birding walk before and this had boardwalks all over the water and marshes where wild alligators lurked and all kinds of water birds made their home. It was one of the highlights of my trip. Not only that, but the tiny green heron chick was in the long grasses below and I...
  9. Life-Finds-a-Way--Dinosaur-Border-Challenge-#3


    Over Christmas, we had the delightful experience of visiting an animated Jurassic World kind of dinosaur drive-thru. I took lots of pictures of the dinosaurs. This one was my favorite of a baby dinosaur puppet a puppeteer held close to the window to cheer the family. I love dinosaurs and the...
  10. Simplette_SeaSplash.jpg


    *NEW* Sea Splash (collection) by Simplette LINK
  11. Simplette_ExoticDream.jpg


    -*NEW* -"Exotic Dream (collection) by Simplette"
  12. Simplette_LaCouleurDesFleurs.jpg


    *NEW* La couleur des Fleurs (collection) by Simplette
  13. Blue-Jay-and-the-Woodpecker,-July-Challenge-6 Poems-and-Lyrics-

    Blue-Jay-and-the-Woodpecker,-July-Challenge-6 Poems-and-Lyrics-

    A blue jay and a red bellied woodpecker were having an issue over the food in the bird feeder one day.
  14. Birdhouses, Birds, Butterflies and...the Fox--Recipe-Challenge-7

    Birdhouses, Birds, Butterflies and...the Fox--Recipe-Challenge-7

    I adore birdhouses. The center one is mine and then I added all the birdhouses from various designers to meet the recipe challenge. That was so much fun!
  15. Beauty in Bloom

    Beauty in Bloom

    Created for the Recipe Challenge. Specific ingredient list is posted in the challenge.
  16. Where flowers bloom

    Where flowers bloom

    Done for the July Color Challenge
  17. Finch Park

    Finch Park

    For the July Creative Techniques Challenge Process: 1st I created a Dodge and Burn Layer and darkened the pink area on the left and darkened the trees behind the kids in the photo. 2nd I created depth of field in the layout with the leaves (color picked from trees in photo) and the butterflies.
  18. Be Inspired

    Be Inspired

  19. Wild & Free

    Wild & Free

    My granddaughter and great-granddaughter enjoying a ballgame.
  20. Simplette_LoveInAJar.jpg


    -"Love in a Jar (collection)" by Simplette