palvinka designs

  1. Message In A Bottle-Palvinka01.jpg

    Message In A Bottle-Palvinka01.jpg

  2. Hello Summer

    Hello Summer

    kit "Hello Summer" by Palvinka Photo by LanaScrapDesigns
  3. Hello Summer

    Hello Summer

  4. Palvinka_GoneFishing.jpg


    *NEW* Gone Fishing Collection by Palvinka Designs
  5. Blue-Jay-and-the-Woodpecker,-July-Challenge-6 Poems-and-Lyrics-

    Blue-Jay-and-the-Woodpecker,-July-Challenge-6 Poems-and-Lyrics-

    A blue jay and a red bellied woodpecker were having an issue over the food in the bird feeder one day.
  6. Family-Celebration-Anna-Aspnes-challenge--Red, White and Blue

    Family-Celebration-Anna-Aspnes-challenge--Red, White and Blue

    Family in the Moment--Red, White and Blue Challenge
  7. Indian Blankets

    Indian Blankets

    I loved seeing these flowers growing along NC HWY 12 in the Outer Banks while we were traveling to see the lighthouses. I can't hardly believe that they were growing in nothing but sand!
  8. Gone Fishing

    Gone Fishing

  9. Gone Fishing

    Gone Fishing

    kit "Gone Fishing" by Palvinka Photo by ArtTower - pixabay
  10. Yellow Fish and the Turtle

    Yellow Fish and the Turtle

    Yellow fish in an aquarium at the Woodlands Children's Museum
  11. Smooch


    My daughter & great-granddaughter at a local ballgame.
  12. Sunflower


    Fonts used: Tall Dark and Handsome, Strawberry Cupcakes, and Apple Chancery.
  13. Wild & Free

    Wild & Free

    My granddaughter and great-granddaughter enjoying a ballgame.
  14. Summer Fun for Mermaids

    Summer Fun for Mermaids

    Turtles are my photo and started with a solid background and added mermaids, water, drips, and more.
  15. Big Memories

    Big Memories

  16. Gather Together

    Gather Together

    Created for the June 2021 Copy Cat Challenge.
  17. Beachside


    Templates "Summer Holidays 3" by Tinci kit "Beachside" by palvinka
  18. Let the Sea Set You Free

    Let the Sea Set You Free

    I added items from the kit to the cluster and covered up the text with paint so I could add my own journaling and title.
  19. Beachside


  20. Beachside


    kit "Beachside" by Palvinka Photo by Michelleraponi - pixabay