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  1. Out With The Old

    Out With The Old

    Featured Products Created using: Wild Summer Playing with Brushes by et designs Midnight Madness Kit by NLD Designs Midnight Madness Word Stitched Paper Labels by NLD Designs Party Time Bundle by et designs
  2. Favorite Hobby

    Favorite Hobby

    Featured Products Theme: Hobbies Created using: We are all crafters (MEGA KIT) by Simplette Time Captured Collection by NLD Designs
  3. John Xmas 2013

    John Xmas 2013

  4. Day 10 - White Space revisited

    Day 10 - White Space revisited

    I am rarely confortable with white space... I know it looks great - and I love the way it looks on other people's layouts - but when it's my page I feel I could use all that space in a more 'efficient' way... so I decided to redo a page I like - but know would never include in my printed...
  5. Day-7-challenge-Border--A Blue Christmas

    Day-7-challenge-Border--A Blue Christmas

    I love blues so I thought it would be a fun challenge to try and make the Christmas border/setting as blue as possible. I ended up using a ton of designers' Christmas/winter elements. So much fun!
  6. Challenge-day-4-Journaling--A Trip to Salado's Past

    Challenge-day-4-Journaling--A Trip to Salado's Past

    The pictures are of one shop in historical old town Salado, a favorite haunt of my mother's and mine until she passed of breast cancer. We would go several times a year, but we loved Christmas and the spring the best for shopping, having sandwiches at a quaint little shop, tea and ice cream at...
  7. DAY 3 - Chain Scraplift | CHALLENGE

    DAY 3 - Chain Scraplift | CHALLENGE

    *Spirit Of December* scraplift For DAY 3 - Chain Scraplift | CHALLENGE using: Christmas Spirit Collection by NLD Designs
  8. Always Will

    Always Will

  9. Day 1 - Decorate a Tree Template | CHALLENGE

    Day 1 - Decorate a Tree Template | CHALLENGE

    Created using: Oscraps Challenge Freebie - 12 Days of December 2021 by Timounette Christmas Spirit Kit by NLD Designs Christmas story by Emeto Designs Santa's Little Helpers Kit by Emeto Designs
  10. Christmas-with-family-Oscraps-Template-Challenge---Day-1


    We rarely get snow here so I love to add snowmen to Christmas pictures! Used Foxey Squirrel's Christmassy, NLD's Christmas Spirit, and Emeto's Christmas Story
  11. Birds in Fall

    Birds in Fall

    Created using: Natural Mood Collection & Free Alpha + Cards by NLD Designs Photos: My own
  12. A  Midwinter Nights dream

    A Midwinter Nights dream

    I started this lay out 10 May 2018 with a vague idea (I wanted Matt with antlers on a shark, great idea of Lori Davis) but I dreaded working with the pen. Now I have followed several courses in Illustrator and Photoshop I not afraid of that thing anymore ;) So I cutted the antlers and the rider...
  13. Grandparents


    My entry for November challenge # 6 - white space. I started with just the background paper and placed the frame where I wanted it. I then placed a couple of paper bits underneath and a brush (on the level just above the background). This is a white space challenge so I wanted to keep...
  14. Happy Halloween!

    Happy Halloween!

    We're off to carve pumpkins or paint them today, so just had to create this fun one from My Funny Halloween elements and paper from NLD Designs.
  15. Beware


    Trying this adorable hat in the kit with this fun photo of my daughter and her Halloween make up a couple years ago! For October Challenge #1 - Big Photo using Haunted Halloween Collection by NLD Designs and 12 X 12 Page FotoBlendz No. 9 by Anna Aspnes
  16. Wonderful Son

    Wonderful Son

    Created using He Is Kit by NLD Designs Photo: My own
  17. Selfie


    Mark wanted to go to lunch today. I never refuse a lunch date.
  18. Capturing Memories

    Capturing Memories

  19. My little mermaid

    My little mermaid

    This is my gorgeous niece. She loves mermaids & when she saw this page she wanted to become a mermaid & had a bit of a angry moment. So I guess my work evokes strong emotions to my target audience. lol. She does like it thankfully & thought I’d show it off. I’m hoping I get better with...
  20. Hummer


    This is the first year I've seen a hummingbird feeding from my flowers.