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  2. with love

    with love

    New Fab Friday Color Play products are released on the last Friday of the month. Save 50% on individual packs for 4 days. Save even more when you buy the bundles With love from Natali design Personal picture thanks for looking
  3. 26 december

    26 december

    Boxing Day and usually that means we don't do much. Today Jolien and Benjamin come to dinner with my father. There is quite a lot of food left over from Christmas, so the leftovers are always good for the next day. In the afternoon we play some games. It is raining and I take my father back to...
  4. 25 december

    25 december

    Christmas Day, and at 10 am we will prepare the room where we will soon gather with the family. We are 27 people! Since corona we haven't been able to celebrate together. 2 years ago my father-in-law passed away on Christmas Day. He has ensured that we continue the tradition by continuing to...
  5. 23 december

    23 december

    I have agreed with Jolien to go to Eindhoven with her tonight. Because she was so busy with her boyfriend's surprise party, she hasn't had time to buy a new outfit for Christmas yet. She has found a shop that is budget friendly and sells very nice clothes. It is busy just before Christmas and it...
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  7. Happy Holidays

    Happy Holidays

  8. BE Winter

    BE Winter

    January 2023 Challenge #4 - Tic Tac Toe https://oscraps.com/community/threads/january-challenge-4-tic-tac-toe-challenge.36738/ Using diagonal from left lower corner to upper right corner Winter Element (Snowflake), Photo, and 3+colors (brown, brick-red, gold, green, white, grey)
  9. happy holidays

    happy holidays

  10. home for Christmas

    home for Christmas

    Home for Christmas by Natali Design thanks for looking
  11. 15 december

    15 december

    Today my hubby has to go to the MS clinic for his semi-annual infusion. You can notice that it is almost worked out towards the end. The doctor agrees that more patients experience this. Everything else is very good, fortunately it remains stable. Even though there's a good chance he could have...
  12. BE Home For Christmas Natali copy.jpg

    BE Home For Christmas Natali copy.jpg

  13. day 12 - a wonderful day

    day 12 - a wonderful day

  14. 10 december

    10 december

    Every 2 weeks I follow an ecological gardening course on Saturday mornings. Today we learned how to prune a vine. After noon I start putting up the Christmas tree. In between I go to the cemetery, it's my mother's birthday. She would have turned 80 today. I still miss her terribly. Natali...
  15. it is december

    it is december

    It is december by Natali design picture pixabay thanks for looking


    Created with Oscraps products: It Is December by Natali Designs Photo: Stock/Pixabay
  17. christmas vibes

    christmas vibes

  18. avatar-challenge


    It is the time of the year again ! pre party avatar challenge By the way this is my 4000th layout that I post in the gallery !!! I used most things from Natali design her Xmas kits. It's december December memories overlays thanks for looking
  19. gratitude


    Gratitude by Natali Design picture by me (my son) thanks for looking
  20. gratitude


    Gratitude by Natali Design Picture by my son (me on the picture) thanks for looking