#natali design

  1. Here Come the Sun

    Here Come the Sun

  2. Don't Forget This Moment

    Don't Forget This Moment

    Created For The May 27th 2022 : Fab Friday Color Play : Forget Me Not : Natali Designs
  3. This


  4. moment


  5. Everyday is a Second Chance

    Everyday is a Second Chance

    Two papers started this design with the upper layered blended with hard light mode. Then brushes, elements and overlays created the large center focused cluster.
  6. Havanese--Black and White

    Havanese--Black and White

    What a fun challenge! I thought of using the black and white chickadee--but my black and white Havanese seemed perfect!
  7. Happy Days

    Happy Days

  8. my story

    my story

  9. Today 7 April 2022

    Today 7 April 2022

    Wow, thought I'd made this already, but I had just written the journaling, then just saved the psd & not decorated it. Good thing I noticed, before it's the 7th again. LOL
  10. Dream


    A sunset photo I took in the fall :)
  11. something new

    something new

  12. New beginning

    New beginning

    Color Play March - 50% through Monday https://www.oscraps.com/shop/digital-scrapbook-color-play-coordinated-packs/
  13. Beginning qpage

    Beginning qpage

    Beginning Quick Pages by natali design Picture by me thanks for looking
  14. Renew


    Natali design: Renew collection picture by me thanks for looking
  15. The-Rufous


    Vancouver Island has two species of Hummingbird. The Rufous comes for a very short period during spring/summer and then we won't see him again for another year. Natalie Design's beautiful Beginning Collection was the perfect choice for my colourful little bird!
  16. beginning


    Beginning by Natali design Color play thanks for looking
  17. Beginning 2.jpg

    Beginning 2.jpg

  18. Beginning.jpg


  19. Beginning


    kit "Beginning" by Natali Photo by ArtTower - pixabay
  20. BE Challenge #4 - Color Play

    BE Challenge #4 - Color Play

    BE Challenge #4 - Color Play https://oscraps.com/community/threads/march-2022-challenge-4-color-play.35039/