1. Realiteit-vs-droom2.jpg


    One photo, two faces . I treated a selfie with the liquify and Neural Facial filter and played with jenns awesom,e papers! Masked them for some fun effects
  2. Theo: Guardian of the Gardens

    Theo: Guardian of the Gardens

    July challenge # 6 - big photo at Oscraps— https://oscraps.com/community/threads/july-challenge-6-big-photo.37913/ Meet Theo, she is my new dragon who watches over my gardens. I needed the photo to be large for the challenge, so I made a clipping mask and then added a layer mask to the...
  3. october chall #6

    october chall #6

  4. at the ocean

    at the ocean

    First I duplicated my photo, turning the bottom layer into a sketch. I placed a layer mask over the top layer and erased portions of the color photo before clipping a mask to them.
  5. First  baby

    First baby

    My mother and my sister :-)
  6. 18


    DD on our holiday last year
  7. Natali Simply {Captured}

    Natali Simply {Captured}

    Natali Simply is new in the Oscraps Store. A all-in-one bundle is available as well as other options. https://www.oscraps.com/shop/Simply-all-in-one.html