1. FALL


    Another one of my beautiful Granddaughters will be graduating from High School in February
  2. Day 1- OOB Challenge

    Day 1- OOB Challenge

  3. Finistere


  4. my children

    my children

  5. Challenge 4 Oct 2022 - Dance

    Challenge 4 Oct 2022 - Dance

    Mask created using butterfly 04, and painted accents 03, 13, 14, 16,18, 19, 20, 21, and 30 and the netting element, all from Choices. I started by creating the mask then playing with a range of photos until I got just the right one and clipped it to the mask. The background is paper 23 blended...
  6. Challenge #4  Creative technique

    Challenge #4 Creative technique

  7. Rain


    New Autumn Harvest Moon by Lynne Anzelc Designs...
  8. Karen Schulz Use It All Challenge

    Karen Schulz Use It All Challenge

    Karen Schulz Free Mini Kit coordinates with Harvest Summer II Collection. You can get the free mini kit in her Designer Challenge: https://oscraps.com/community/threads/use-it-all-challenge-with-karen-schulz-september-2022.36156/
  9. August chall.#4

    August chall.#4

    I have prepared three wordarts for you . Check here and play with me : https://oscraps.com/community/threads/august-2022-challenge-4-wordart.35979/#post-634903
  10. Adventure awaits

    Adventure awaits

    Tips & Tricks Challenge with Karen Schulz, June 2022 https://oscraps.com/community/threads/tips-tricks-challenge-with-karen-schulz-june-2022.35692/
  11. Escape


  12. 22-03_AFT-challenge


    AFT DESIGNS - March/April 2022 Challenge https://oscraps.com/community/threads/aft-designs-march-april-2022-challenge.35104/#post-619425 I used the lyrics of 'here comes the sun' from The Beatles ...
  13. Day 7 - Create An Edge Border

    Day 7 - Create An Edge Border

    For my photo from a good snow we had here in the holler in Jan of 2016, I used song lyrics by Lydia Maria Child with the Oscraps Collab 'Home for the Holidays' from the Oscraps Designers. The horse drawn sleigh image was from On The Bay Magazine. Jellyka Delicious Cake font also used.
  14. The Smallest Things

    The Smallest Things

    Magic Christmas Page Kit by Vero Designs; Magic Christmas Overlays by Vero Designs; Free Photo Mask Gift from Manu Design Studio
  15. DAY 3-ChainScraplift-kenley raye

    DAY 3-ChainScraplift-kenley raye

    my scraplift of Grandchildren by bcgal00
  16. Golden Girl with Eyes of Blue

    Golden Girl with Eyes of Blue

    Made using foxeysquirrel’s Golden Years kit
  17. Parents


    My friends mom passed away last year and her dad asked that I make a tribute page to their wedding. I used the lyrics from “their song”
  18. July memories

    July memories

  19. Celebrate That

    Celebrate That

  20. Claire's Smile

    Claire's Smile