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  1. 22-07_July-Challenge-#2---Lyrics-Poems


    July Challenge #2 - Lyrics/Poems https://oscraps.com/community/threads/july-challenge-2-lyrics-poems.35747/ For the challenge I used a part of the lyrics of She goes nana ... from The Radios - a Belgian pop group around Bart Peeters.
  2. Jooba Jooba

    Jooba Jooba

    The lyrics of a genius.
  3. Make it if we try

    Make it if we try

    For another challenge I needed a photo of a dancer. I searched pexels and I saw a bunch of stunning (photo) art. Like this one. I applied a couple of filters and blened some Annatransfers. I wanted to honour the white space of the photo.
  4. Lyrics and Poems  challenge.

    Lyrics and Poems challenge.

    Thank you for the challenge and the lyrics to the song. Photo of my parents my Dad sadly has passed away.