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  1. Breathe


  2. Art in Photography

    Art in Photography

  3. Trail Blazing.jpg

    Trail Blazing.jpg

    Created with the wonderful kit "Yellowstone" from Lynn Anzelc Designs https://www.oscraps.com/shop/digital-scrapbooking-collection-yellowstone-lynne-anzelc.html
  4. The Call of the Wild

    The Call of the Wild

    The perfect collection for your Yellowstone photos or just your own takes!
  5. Surrounded by ClownsVIGNX.jpg

    Surrounded by ClownsVIGNX.jpg

    Created with 'The Cinema' kit https://www.oscraps.com/shop/digital-scrapbooking-kit-the-cinema-lynne-anzelc.html
  6. Black-bear-font-challenge


    Black Bear at Cameron Park resting. Fonts: Fresh Script, Gigi, Auckland Script
  7. Graduate--2022-challenge-sketch


    My first grandchild is going to big kid's school in August! They grow up so fast.
  8. Heritage Challenge

    Heritage Challenge

    My daughter and son-in-law on their honeymoon in Hawaii almost a decade ago.
  9. Purple-Brings-Me-Joy-challenge-4


    6 colors, 1 photo, purple! Love purple!
  10. Lilypad in the Pond-white-space-challenge-2-

    Lilypad in the Pond-white-space-challenge-2-

    I love lilypads and the reflection they make. This one was taken at the arboretum in Waco, TX. It's always fun to do a white space challenge, and challenging. I always want to fill up the space with color.
  11. Swans a Swimming _Challenge-7-Big-Photo

    Swans a Swimming _Challenge-7-Big-Photo

    I took this photo at the zoo in Omaha where the beautiful swans were feeding in a green algae-covered stream. I added Simplette's Nothing More Frame, RF's Water Me, AASPN's Script Tease, LA Lily Pond as overlays.
  12. May_Colour Challenge

    May_Colour Challenge

    Thank you Rae for this great challenge. I love the colours you picked :) I used all colours and all kits where Lynne Anzelc: Lasting Presence, Simple Pleasures and Something Simple. Text is from a poem called The Rose and the full version can be found at Lesley-Anne Mcleod's blog.
  13. Art of Simplicity.jpg

    Art of Simplicity.jpg

    This piece is created primarily from Elements in 'Flora and Fauna'. The book is from 'Book Mania' and the word art is from 'Something Simple.' Enjoy!
  14. My life through a telescope.jpg

    My life through a telescope.jpg

    This is the "Free spirit" kit from Lynne Anzelc designs.
  15. Write off the page.jpg

    Write off the page.jpg

    Lynne Anzelc kit called Alice. scripture from a craft artist kit (no longer available)
  16. every day is the best day of your life

    every day is the best day of your life

    May Challenge # 5 - Creative Techniques
  17. Leopard on the Prowl

    Leopard on the Prowl

    I LOVE wild animals, big cats, so I loved ML Designs Into the Wild collection. But it was so much fun combining so many different papers to create something that looks vintage, classical art, almost.