lynn anzelc designs

  1. Not Easy

    Not Easy

  2. Make me a Doorway.jpg

    Make me a Doorway.jpg

  3. Believe that.jpg

    Believe that.jpg

  4. Captured in Time

    Captured in Time

    Art Perception by Lynne Anzelc Collection - https://www.oscraps.com/.../digital-scrapbooking... Kit - https://www.oscraps.com/.../digital-scrapbooking-kit-art... Characters - https://www.oscraps.com/.../digital-scrapbooking... Word Art -...
  5. Portrait #2.jpg

    Portrait #2.jpg

    Created with the beautiful Carnival figures from Lynne's Venice Style collection. The composition has been shifted in to the blue colour range through the use of Hue and Saturation adjustments to many layers.
  6. City of Love

    City of Love

  7. No-Walls-small-size.jpg


    Seems peaceful here, with just a little bit of fantasy
  8. Venice is a City

    Venice is a City

    I have changed the colour of the paper in the kit
  9. Seasonal Challenge #6.jpg

    Seasonal Challenge #6.jpg

    A fun challenge so create a scene for my season- winter.
  10. Storybook Challenge #5.jpg

    Storybook Challenge #5.jpg

    The December weather here in Vancouver broke records 141 years old. It was the knee high snow we had that inspired the story. Canadian winters are harsh and the path was treacherous. Angus had many miles yet to go and as the sun was setting he paid little heed to the curious animals. He carried...
  11. Winter Siggy.jpg

    Winter Siggy.jpg

    Starting the new year with a winter siggy
  12. Day 9 Art Doll Dress Up Challenge

    Day 9 Art Doll Dress Up Challenge

    There is still time to finish our 12 Days of December Cjhallenges! I used my old alter ego and wanted to dress up for a ball. I tried to use a photo for her clothes but the result was too photo because the body was "paper"like. I used a skirt from the same kitJoanne Brisebois) and blended the...
  13. All Natural Christmas.jpg

    All Natural Christmas.jpg

  14. Tis the Season: Family Gathering.jpg

    Tis the Season: Family Gathering.jpg

  15. Day 3 Challenge Same Photo.jpg

    Day 3 Challenge Same Photo.jpg

    I have to admit I love putting scenes together. Lynne makes it so easy.
  16. November Momma O's Challenge

    November Momma O's Challenge

    I used Vicki's Bundle: Phenomenal Woman and Lynn Anzelc's Fashion Art Dolls Font is Mango Salsa
  17. Captured in Time

    Captured in Time

    New Art Perception by Lynne Anzelc
  18. Autumn Memories.jpg

    Autumn Memories.jpg

    Background created with: https://www.oscraps.com/shop/lynne-anzelc-harvest-moon-rising-digital-scrapbook-kit.html 3 Figures from: https://www.oscraps.com/shop/digital-scrapbooking-kit-angel-wings-lynne-anzelc.html
  19. Harvest Fairies.jpg

    Harvest Fairies.jpg

    Created with the wonderful "Harvest Moon Rising" kit from Lynne. https://www.oscraps.com/shop/lynne-anzelc-harvest-moon-rising-digital-scrapbook-kit.html
  20. The Harvest Fairies

    The Harvest Fairies

    New Autumn Harvest Moon by Lynne Anzelc Designs...